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    14 Lesser-Known Shows On Netflix You Should Definitely Watch

    Why haven't these shows gotten more viewers?

    Netflix is home to countless TV shows, both original and old, but there are some that haven't quite gotten the recognition they deserve.

    Otis from "Sex Eduction"/Mark from "Space Force"/The Robot from "Lost in Space"
    Netflix / Via Netflix

    With so many shows to choose from, it's very easy to miss some of the gems that are part of Netflix's seemingly endless library. If you're stuck in a show-hole and don't know what to stream next, here's a list of the Top 14 Obscure Shows on Netflix You Should Definitely Watch.

    14. Episodes

    Matt, Sean, and Beverly talking in the hall in "Episodes"
    Showtime / Via Netflix

    Have you ever wondered how British shows like The Office were adapted for American TV? Well, it probably went something like this. This Showtime series follows a couple of British writers struggling to adapt their series in Hollywood, especially when their lead is Matt LeBlanc (who plays a blockhead version of himself).

    13. Ash vs. Evil Dead

    Ash, Pablo, and Kelly in Ash's trailer in "Ash vs. Evil Dead"
    Starz / Via Netflix

    The Evil Dead trilogy is one of the most beloved sets of horror films ever. However, you won't be hard-pressed to learn that it got a sequel series on Starz. With Bruce Campbell returning as the protagonist, the series follows a middle-aged Ash Williams once again fighting the Deadites after accidentally summoning them to impress a girl. This show is pure and bloody B-movie fun that can be summed up in one word: groovy.

    12. Lost in Space (2018)

    The Robot in "Lost in Space" (2018)
    Netflix / Via Netflix

    A reboot of the classic TV show of the same name, this sci-fi series follows a family who crash-lands on a dangerous planet after fleeing from a dying Earth. With a sprawling story, high production values, and a better-looking robot, this series serves as a great and entertaining introduction to this classic franchise.

    11. Space Force

    Mark Naird opening the door to his office in "Space Force"
    Netflix / Via Netflix

    A lot of people might've been disappointed by Steve Carell's workplace comedy in space, but so far, it is still a funny and enjoyable show to watch. The casting is perfect, especially with the incomparable John Malkovich, and there's still more room for the show to grow. Heck, The Office didn't fully evolve into the TV classic we all know and love until its second season.

    10. Love Death + Robots

    K-VRC, XBOT 4000, and 11-45-G in "Love Death + Robots"
    Netflix / Via Netflix

    Brought to you by directors Tim Miller (Deadpool) and David Fincher (The Social Network, Fight Club), this Emmy-award-winning show is an animated anthology series that contains, well, just what the title says. Each episode features a different story with a different style of animation, making each one a fresh and entertaining tale that's worth a watch.

    9. GLOW

    Poster of Netflix's "GLOW"
    Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images

    This award-winning comedy-drama depicts a struggling actress in the '80s who ends up joining the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. With hilarious and dramatic performances from its cast, particularly from Alison Brie and Marc Maron, watching this show will make you wish Netflix completed its final season.

    8. The Dragon Prince

    Soldiers running away from a giant dragon in "The Dragon Prince"
    Netflix / Via Netflix

    Created by Aaron Ehasz, who also helped bless us with Avatar: The Last Airbender, this animated fantasy follows two sibling princes and an elven assassin as they care for the titular dragon and fight to end the war between humans and elves. With breathtaking animation and characters both lovable and relatable, this show goes above and beyond what is expected from a children's show, truly making it the next Last Airbender.

    7. The Midnight Gospel

    Clancy talking into a microphone for his spacecast in "The Midnight Gospel"
    Netflix / Via Netflix

    This show is basically what would come into your head while watching a podcast during a drug trip. The story follows "spacecaster" Clancy, who travels to multiple simulated universes and meets new people that he interviews for his podcast. Having been repeatedly compared to Rick and Morty, The Midnight Gospel is a wonderfully weird show that asks many philosophical questions about this mysterious world we live in.

    6. Arrested Development

    The cast of "Arrested Development" posing together
    L. Cohen / WireImage

    This show was the original Schitt's Creek, as it follows a rich but dysfunctional family that ends up losing everything and living together in a small home. Like Schitt's Creek, this show was critically acclaimed but remained unpopular before finding new life on Netflix. With an all-star cast and Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo at the helm, the show is a guaranteed barrel of laughs that you definitely end up binge-watching.

    5. Special

    Ryan walking down the street in "Special"
    Netflix / Via Netflix

    Created by lead actor Ryan O'Connell, this show follows a gay man with cerebral palsy who decides to change his life after acquiring a new online writing job. Though each episode is relatively short, it is still a funny but touching tale about a man finding new love and independence.

    4. Community

    The cast of "Community" on the set for Season 4, Episode 3
    Nbc / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

    Created by Rick and Morty mastermind Dan Harmon, this show follows a disgraced lawyer as he attends a community college to reclaim his law degree, only to end up befriending a dysfunctional group of students. While this sounds like a standard sitcom premise, this show hilariously deconstructs multiple tropes in pop culture with its well-written characters and episodes. Though the show faced cancellation multiple times, it gained massive cult status amongst fans, and yet it still never got the widespread recognition it deserves.

    3. Sex Education

    Otis, Maeve, and Eric sitting in the stands of their school's pool room in "Sex Education"
    Netflix / Via Netflix

    This British series chronicles the teenage son of a sex therapist who ends up counseling his classmates on the matter. While this show features an adorably funny cast of characters, it also isn't afraid to address difficult issues regarding sex, love, and the struggles of growing up. If you're a fan of sexual comedies like Big Mouth, you'll definitely love this one.

    2. The IT Crowd

    Channel 4 / Via Netflix

    Basically Seinfeld meets The Big Bang Theory, this British sitcom follows two IT guys and their new supervisor who knows nothing about computers as they go about their daily lives. This show is filled with so many cartoonish moments and quotable one-liners, you'll find yourself wanting more of this UK classic. 

    1. Monty Python's Flying Circus

    The six members of Monty Python together
    Michael Ochs Archives / Via Getty Images

    Widely considered one of the greatest comedy troupes of all time, their projects on Netflix have surprisingly gone under the public radar. Along with The Holy Grail and Life of Brian, the streaming giant features all the episodes from the show that made them famous. They've got Silly Walks, the Spanish Inquisition, the Parrot Skit, and many more hysterical sketches that'll leave you gasping for air in laughter. While Monty Python might not be everyone's slice of spam, you should at least check out the group's greatest hits from this classic series.

    Do you agree with this list? Were there any other shows on Netflix that we missed? Please let me know in the comments section below!