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    • Ansonia

      Instead of preventing sane people from owning guns, why don’t we lock up violent, mentally ill people ? There was a deluded person in Texas, back in the sixties, who was prevented from continuing to add to the number of people he had already shot by the person who shot him.
      Around last Christmas, an 18 or 19 year old widow, living alone with her infant son, stopped two intruders (one was armed) who were breaking into her home by shooting the one who was armed. (Oh, and by the way, yes this young woman did try to get police help first. She was not someone impulsively using lethal force.)
      About the tragedy in Connecticut, I would like to know if this kid had a history of violent outbursts. While it seems unrelated to anything, I would like to know if he lived with his mother, and when his mother purchased these guns.
      I don’t necessarily see in this tragedy an argument for greater gun control. I do see in this tragedy, and in other relatively small incidents in schools in Connecticut ( a drowning death in a school swimming pool, Internet films of students fighting in inadequately supervised hallways) an argument for parents, who know each other and each other’s children well, working together to home school their kids. Schools, as we know them now, might really be as outdated as stage coaches.

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