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23 Lessons You Learned From Your Latino Parents

The good, the superstitious, and everything in between.

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This isn't even an option — it's the sacred rule you must live by at all times.


5. "Sana Sana colita de rana," solved everything.

This rhyme + vapor rub = a godsend that would cure whatever sickness you had.

6. Wear slippers or else you will get sick.

Even if your house is carpeted, slippers are to be worn at all times.

8. Everything has multiple purposes.

That broken hanger in your closet is now the car's antenna, the TV's antenna, and all around item that solves all problems.


11. Don't act up or else the chancla will come at you.

And if there wasn't a chancleta around, a belt or a wooden spoon would be its replacement in a minute.


16. You'll learn all your moves from them.

You better dance, you better move, and you better keep up.


20. If you want to whine, they'll give you something actually to whine about.

Whether it was a quiet "ow," or a playful fight with your sibling, be prepared for the backlash.


21. They taught you how to cook from the moment you could walk.

And by the time you were 11, you knew Adobo is the only ingredient you need at all times.

22. They'll never stop reminding you that you'll need to take care of them when they're old.


They helped raise you so you'll help them lift heavy objects and anything else they need.