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    • annieh3

      Every summer my mom’s family holds a Golf Outing. While the title suggests prestige, it’s more accurately a good time to drink beer at 9am and show off your inability to golf. Anyhow, I thought it was just another year of fun and family gathering, but it also happened to be the first year my boyfriend was able to attend. We ordered our t-shirts and made the drive. Nothing exciting. On the drive I kept making fun of him because he was stressing out, which I attributed to him being a terrible golfer. When we arrived, everybody was given a t-shirt with a letter pinned to the back for a word scramble, and the boyfriend was placed on the team to tee off first, and I on the last team to tee off. I will forever get crap for being less than hospitable when I found this out, because I didn’t want him to feel abandoned to the wolves, but obviously bigger plans were in place.
      The game progressed on, me and my mom were on the same team, and although my mom kept holding up the game to make calls into what she claimed was work, it now became clear that she was just relaying information to some people waiting at the final hole.
      After a fun game, my team rounded the last hole, and there standing next to the flag, were 30+ members of our families (including those who were unable to golf and those who had traveled to be there), lined up and using the letters on their t-shirts to spell out “Will You Marry Me?” I immediately began to ugly cry, and my dad was driven up to me, walked me over, where my fiance got down on one knee and said some truly beautiful things that I probably couldn’t begin to recite, until I very quickly screamed yes. He also had waiting for me the same wedding planner binder I’d randomly commented that I’d liked at a craft store months prior, that he went back and got to have waiting for me.

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