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    31 Home Products From Wayfair With Such Noteworthy Reviews, You’ll Probably Want To Own Them Yourself

    Shoppers are raving about these Wayfair pieces — and for good reason.

    1. A computer desk complete with shelf, drawer, and keyboard tray, because sitting on your bed and balancing your laptop on three stacked pillows is *not* an adult work space.

    A white desk pushed against the wall

    2. A brilliantly colored bar stool with an ergonomically curved back, so you can finally make your momma proud and sit with ~perfect posture~.

    A close-up of two purple bar stools

    3. A Novogratz convertible sofa that doubles as a bed, because there's no way you're giving up your bedroom for guests.

    The sofa standing in the living room

    4. A sleek, modern ~light sconce~ to make you feel sophisticated when saying "light sconce" out loud to your highly educated architect friends.

    The light sconce secured to a wall

    5. A distressed nine-drawer dresser that — and this is important — comes 👏 already 👏 assembled 👏 because no one wants to spend four hours of their Saturday putting furniture together.

    A dark grey dresser with flowers and a hat on top

    6. A four-shelf baker’s rack to store all of the baking ingredients, appliances, and tools you bought after a flash of inspiration from bingeing The Great British Baking Show.

    The baking rack containing kitchenware and cookbooks

    7. An ornate glass-top end table that’s elegant enough to add more class to your living room but also strong enough to hold 20 pounds worth of stuff. This piece proves that you can have beauty *and* function.

    The table with books and filled flower vase on top

    8. An over-the-toilet cabinet you can *literally* place over your toilet for more storage space without taking up prime real estate in your already too-small bathroom.

    A black cabinet standing over the toilet

    9. A four-panel room divider that easily folds, so you can hide your at-home office once you’ve clocked out, giving you a literal separation between work and personal life.

    The divider standing unfolded in the living room

    10. A steel fire pit so you can toast marshmallows for real this time, instead of the very sad alternative: toasting them over the stove.

    The steel pit placed outside with fire burning within

    11. A macramé chair hammock for catnapping while pretending you’re in a warm, tropical island, not quarantined in your apartment in the middle of fall.

    The hammock hanging from the ceiling

    12. An illuminated cornhole game with glow-in-the-dark bean bags, because the fun shouldn’t stop when the sun goes down.

    The cornhole board, illuminated, with bean bags on top

    13. A TV stand made with recycled materials, so you can purchase guilt-free, knowing you’re supporting a brand that's environmentally friendly.

    The stand topped with a TV and houseplants

    14. A ladder shelf with clean lines and an open silhouette to add a modern touch to your living room. Since it’s slim and tall, it can easily fit into narrow spaces.

    The shelf pushed against a pink wall

    15. A convertible chair that unfolds into an extra bed, perfect for folks housing an overnight visitor in a small living room.

    A green chair placed next to an end table

    16. A hanging wall hook with three sea-grass baskets for stashing 40 pounds worth of coats, hats, keys, purses, and other items right when you walk through the front door.

    The product with items hanging from the hooks

    17. A mid-century modern nightstand with one deep drawer where you can stash all sorts of bedtime must-haves, like earplugs, eye mask, a book — whatever you need within an arm's reach from bed!

    The nightstand with lamp and decorative items on top

    18. A three-tier floor lamp that lights up the room *and* doubles as shelf space, because rent is high where I’m from, and multi-purpose furniture that frees up space in my small home is a life-saver.

    The lamp, turned on,  carrying items on shelves

    19. An L-shaped wooden desk wide enough to accommodate multiple monitors and laptops, and high enough to fit filing cabinets underneath. Plus, there’s plenty of leg room!

    The desk with office items on top

    20. A lockable filing cabinet with three drawers, so you can keep your confidential documents safe from prying eyes. It’s also a great companion piece to the above L-shaped desk.

    The cabinet standing next to a desk

    21. A weather-resistant and washable Novogratz area rug that’s easy to clean for the clumsy folks who often spill wine on the floor.

    The blue rug sprawled next to a backyard pool

    22. A free-standing closet system with shelves and hanging rods for keeping the clothes and shoes in your walk-in closet organized, not piled on top of each other in a tangled mess.

    The closet system with boxes, clothes, and shoes on shelves

    23. A three-tier fruit stand that can fit produce your average bowl couldn’t. Your potatoes, onions, and oranges finally don’t have to sit on the floor in grocery bags.

    The fruit stand with onions and potatoes in baskets

    24. A storage bench for stashing shoes, blankets, pillows, or other items that can easily make your home look cluttered.

    The bench  pushed against the wall, household items on top

    25. A four-tier cat tree with scratching posts to keep your cat’s claws away from your furniture. No, not on this $900 couch, Mr. Floofles!

    The tree with cat perched on highest tier

    26. A mid-century modern armchair you can have all to yourself, because it’s not that fun being cramped together with people on the sofa.

    A close-up of the blue armchair

    27. An industrial bar cart with lockable wheels, because the last thing you want is the thing rolling away when your back’s turned.

    The cart with drinks and glasses

    28. A mid-century modern bed to go with the above nightstand, because if you’re going to rock the aesthetic, you might as well go all out, amirite?

    The bed with blue blanket draped over the edge

    29. An accent mirror with antique gold finish, if you want to take Bobby Berk's advice about making your space feel larger than it is.

    The mirror hanging above a brown desk

    30. A storage ottoman that can accommodate two propped-up feet, so you can play footsies with your significant other while watching Holidate.

    The grey ottoman, closed, with serving tray and blanket on top

    31. A marble-top coffee table with a geometric base, because if you’re looking for a glamorous statement piece, this one will surely wow your friends.

    The table placed in front of the couch

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