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    31 Things From Walmart To Easily Hide Any Messes In Your Home

    If your idea of organizing is shoving clutter under your bed, then you really need these products.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pod organizer with four compartments to store all of your coffees and teas that would otherwise just look like clutter on your coffee station. Plus, it's a super cute item, with colorful floral designs and a glass knob to add a rustic style. Now *this* you won't mind leaving out on your countertop.

    The drawer half opened, revealing creamers inside

    Promising review: "I love my Pioneer Woman coffee pod organizer. It looks so pretty on my counter. Often times I find myself just staring at my little coffee station." β€”Shakima

    Price: $37.98

    2. A makeup organizer with seven drawers (four large, three small), so your palettes, lipsticks, and brushes aren't strewn all over your bathroom sink. How are you supposed to take the perfect bathroom selfie if your clutter is on display for all of the internet to see?

    The organizer with makeup items within

    Promising review: "Love it! Great quality, arrived in great condition. Love the marble look. It also came with black liners for each drawer which I didn't expect but appreciated it because it looks nice. It's a lot bigger than expected though. I'm considering buying another one." β€”JerseyGirl

    Price: $33.33

    3. A revolving 16-jar spice rack, so your dinner guests can marvel at how neat and organized you keep your kitchen, like a *real* adult who has it together.

    The spice rack filled with jars

    Promising review: "I actually love the size of this spice rack because it fits in my cabinet and doesn't have to take up counter space. I bought two. And was surprised to see that the racks come with spices. I did not know that when I purchased them. Very pleased with my purchase!" β€”MommaB

    Price: $19.97

    4. A Rubbermaid cutlery tray that'll neatly separate your assorted mess of spoons, forks, knives, and chopsticks. Don't you just hate reaching in for a spoon and instead getting a fork? The bane of my existence.

    The tray inside a drawer with cutlery neatly organized

    Promising review: "I have used my organizers for going on three months. It has a good grip on the bottom, good size, and the cutlery stays in place really nicely in the compartments. Bought two. Really good price for the quality of product you receive. Will buy more to finish all my other drawers." β€”Virginia

    Price: $7.98

    5. A set of two large plastic bins for storing all of the holiday decorations you'll be taking down next month and NOT leaving on till April. *Accusing glare*.

    The large clear bin holding bedding

    Promising review: "Holds a lot. Lid snaps shut securely. And I love the little round feet on the bottom, which makes it so easy to slide." β€”Gwhitham

    Price: $23.95

    6. A 24-pocket over-the-door shoe organizer, because it's a better alternative than shoving your shoes under the bed when your boo thang comes over.

    The organizer hung over a closet door

    Promising review: "Exactly what I needed! A great way to get shoes up off the floor and in an easy-to-see, organized way. Very sturdy organizer for the price compared to others! I fit more pairs than what is advertised since some shoes I was able to fit both in one pocket instead of just one. I would definitely buy this exact one again if I needed for another room!" β€”Brandy

    Price: $14.88

    7. A 30-inch storage ottoman that'll hide the stuff you need frequent access to but don't want lying around your living room as clutter. You know, like the dog toys scattered around your house right now.

    The ottoman opened revealing a pillow and magazine inside

    Promising review: "It's a durable ottoman to sit on. It's my second one. I use it to play video games on. It's soft yet strong, even though it's not real leather, but for the price I say it's definitely worth it. The best thing of all is that it has storage for blankets and pillows or for whatever you may desire. I'm pleased with my purchases." β€”Michael

    Price: $48.24

    8. A lid organizer, so you don't scream every time you open your cupboard and see pots and pans carelessly cobbled together.

    A close-up of the lid holder

    Promising review: "Lids were all over the cabinet. Every time I needed a pot, five lids came flying out with it. This holds them all neatly, taking up much less room in the cabinet. I have lids for large frying pan, pasta pot, two medium sauce pans, and small sauce pan. They are stainless-steel Cuisinart lids, if that helps." β€”Ba58

    Price: $9.59 (available in three colors)

    9. An over-the-cabinet shelf that'll fit three of your most-used items at the ready for easy access. Just because you use it a lot doesn't mean it has to sit near the kitchen sink on display.

    The shelf hung on a cabinet door filled with cleaning supplies

    Promising review: "I love this basket. It slips easily over the kitchen cabinet door where I store tons of things. I put the three items I use the most in the basket, so they are easy and quick to reach. So convenient. The basket is sturdy and hangs low enough that you can fit a tall bottle into it. Great product." β€”Apmm

    Price: $13.99

    10. An 18-inch, two-drawer filing cabinet, because your WFH setup should be better than four mountain-high stacks of folders all over your dining table.

    The filing cabinet with bottom drawer opened

    Promising review: "I really like this filing cabinet. It is the perfect size for me, not too big or small. I can fit all of my files in it with no problem. It was nice that I didn't have to put anything together, and it was not heavy, so I could move it around easily. I also liked that it has a lock for both cabinets, so this product was overall a good product to buy." β€”Nickieboy

    Price: $56

    11. A closet system for your walk-in closet, so you can finally make that giant mound of clothes, shoes, and bags lying on the floor *poof!* disappear.

    The closet system with shoes, clothes, and accessories

    Promising review: "This was assembled in 40 minutes. We wound up buying another one, which took 20 minutes! After reading the reviews, we decided to attach it to the wall with one screw on each end. It's now extremely sturdy. I love seeing my shoes and purses, which means they are being used!! The drawers are great for sweats, tank tops, etc. It's money well spent and hard to believe the cost. Highly recommend." β€”Lori

    Price: $74

    12. An over-the-door mirror that β€” surprise! β€” also functions as a cabinet for hiding your prized jewelry.

    A photo set with mirror hung over the door (left) and the same mirror opened, revealing jewelry inside

    Promising review: "Love it. Overall this was a very good buy. Loved that it locks, and the light inside comes in very handy, but most of all it's private. My jewelry is not out in the open for all to see." β€”Wanda

    Price: $109.99

    13. A tea bag holder with six removable shelves, so you can organize your teas according to color *and* flavor.

    The organizer with tea bags in shelves

    Promising review: "It makes my tea bags and accessories so easily available. It's also great because I have a couple different teas that look just like each other. Now I can tell which one I am getting. I just have to decide if I want it on a shelf or on the wall." β€”Tamra

    Price: $9.99 (available in three colors)

    14. A set of two under-the-cabinet baskets that'll give you extra shelves for hiding stuff that can't fit in your cupboards. When you're living in an overpriced apartment with a tiny kitchen, every πŸ‘ space πŸ‘ counts πŸ‘.

    The baskets hung from cabinet shelves

    Promising review: "The baskets can be used for dishes that take up too much room, but the best part is you can also use them on bookshelves. The baskets have a white finish which is smooth and easy to clean. The metal material feels sturdy but the legs can be bent a bit to make more room inside. Personal advice, you cannot put too much weight since they have no support in the back part of the basket and would need to drill a hook into the shelf. The baskets have a good depth, which works well in my closet for my scarves and hats. I love the multiple uses you get from the mainstay baskets." β€”Misssunchine2014

    Price: $12.93

    15. A drawer organizer for keeping your paper clips, sticky notes, pens, and markers in their rightful places. Plus, it's made of clear plastic, so you can still see exactly where your things are.

    The drawer with office items inside

    Promising review: "Really like this small clear plastic organizer. It fits perfect on my bathroom shelf to hold small items. The removal drawers work great for fast access, holds many small items, and keeps the items from getting dusty. Searched locally and could not locate anything similar to this small drawer organizer, so again offered a hard-to-find item. Thanks Walmart!" β€”DiamondGirl

    Price: $11.09

    16. A cable clip that you can stick to any surface to hold and detangle your chargers. This is much better than leaving them in disarray on the floor, where they could be tripping hazards!

    The clips securing a cable in place

    Promising review: "I finally wised up and looked for a way to organize all the loose charging and audio connection cables in my home and cars, and this turned out to be the best, as well as the most economical, solution. The clips have a very sticky backing and are made of a soft rubbery substance that allows easy insertion of the requisite cable(s). They are perfect for the task." β€”DEnderson

    Price: $7.89

    17. A set of two lid holders, so your mornings don't get ruined by the sight of your containers and covers stashed in a jumbled mess.

    The organizer with lids and tupperwares in compartments

    Promising review: "Good quality plastic. This item is a good size and allows me to organize my lids. I love it." β€”Kathy

    Price: $27.11

    18. A vertical (or horizontal, whichever your prefer) wire rack that'll keep your cupboard so neat and organized, you can't resist peeking in just to admire your handiwork.

    The wire rack with pans stacked between shelves

    Promising review: "This is so handy and practical! It clears up so much space underneath my cupboards and keeps my pans and lids organized. There are four slots to hold four pans or one space to hold two lids. It can lay down or stand vertical and comes with screws to screw into the cupboard so it doesn't fall over. I absolutely love this rack and will be buying a few more to add to my cupboards! I definitely recommend this product!" β€”Ryssalynn93

    Price: $12.93

    19. An X-cube organizer, so you can separate pens, markers, and pencils, and even organize them according to color if you really want to go all out. Plus, you can buy more and just stack them all together!

    The cube with markers, pens, and glue sticks in compartments

    Promising review: "Perfect size for pens and craft paints. Very sturdy and easy to connect multiple cubes. I love that I can buy more cubes later and add them together if I need more storage." β€”Kate

    Price: $9.20

    20. A desk organizer that'll keep your desk neat and tidy. Plus, it has a super cute rose gold finish, so it could even add a little ~style~ to your WFH office.

    The desk organizer with items within

    This also has five sections, which can organize office supplies such as pens, papers, paper clips, scissors, and staplers. Because it's made of iron wire mesh, you can easily see which items are in which compartments.

    Price: $10.07

    21. A wall-mounted mail organizer, so your post isn't just strewn on the nearest table in an unsightly mess.

    The wooden organizer with hooks at the bottom

    Plus, this is super functional, with three hooks for hanging up your keys or face masks, easy to grab before you go out.

    Price: $17.99

    22. A four-bag laundry cart, because there isn't a bigger turn off than the sight of dirty laundry littering your bedroom floor. Plus, this has wheels so you can roll it out of view!

    The cart filled with laundry

    Promising review: "It is a better product than I was expecting. It comes in a small box, but don't underestimate its perfect design. It took 20 to 30 minutes to assemble. The directions are mostly in detail on the diagrams than in one sentence per page, therefore pay close attention to the small details on the images. It is a well made laundry sorter. It's strong and sturdy and holds up to six loads in my opinion. It rolls smoothly and easily. The back wells can lock to prevent from moving. Overall, it is the best laundry sorter I have purchased and tried. I highly recommend it!" β€”Esmi22

    Price: $48.99 (available in two colors)

    23. A hanger stacker so you can keep your unused hangers neatly in one place and not in a tangled messed shoved under the bed, which I AM NOT guilty of doing, by the way.

    The stacker with hangers stacked on top

    Promising review: "Great hanger stacker!! I needed one of this since I had a lot of hangers all over the place, and the quality is great! I love the pink, and I would definitely buy again." β€”Midnishtsky

    Price: $11.92 (available in two colors)

    24. A storage container that'll protect your wreath from getting squished when you shove it in the broom closet, which also happens to be the closet for your tool box, step ladder, cleaning supplies, and other items you want stowed away. Yeah, not a safe place for such a delicate item.

    The container half opened, revealing wreath inside

    Promising review: "I am so glad I found these here for a decent price. I've been trying to find a convenient and proper way to store my holiday wreaths. These containers are great because the center knot holds the wreath in position to prevent flattening of the wreath on any side. A handle and footed bottom makes these easy to store, easy to stack, easy to access and easy to preserve the beauty of the wreaths for many years to come. Wreaths are not cheap y'all." β€”MRT3

    Price: $37.99 for a set of two

    25. A multi-functional storage bench with three cubbies for stashing items like blankets, pillows, and shoes. Plus, it has a cushioned top, so it can also be a place to sit.

    The bench pushed against a wall

    Note that the cube baskets aren't included.

    Promising review "Love this! It is very sturdy and solid. It looks lovely and it's very functional!" β€”Lallas18

    Price: $85 (available in six colors)

    26. A three-tier slide cart, so you can slip and hide your stash of snacks in small spaces, like the gap between your wall and fridge.

    A full slide cart tucked between a couch and an end table

    Promising review: "Size was what I was looking for in a bathroom. Fits perfectly in my sister's bath room next to shower and toilette. She has many products for her medical condition, MS. She's thrilled now β€” no more stuff left on the floor, but an arm's length away. PERFECT on wheels!" β€”Sharon

    Price: $23.99

    27. A coffee table with three cubes underneath for storage and β€” this is the best part β€” it slides open for *even more* storage space! Can someone give the genius who built this a Nobel Prize?

    The coffee table with top up, revealing books inside

    Promising review: "I love this coffee table! I love the extra storage I get and the fact that I can use the top so much more efficiently. It was not hard to put it together. It says you need twp people, but I'm a 75-year-old grandma and I had no one to help so I did it myself. Granted, it would have been easier with two people. It is very sturdy and presents very well." β€”Catmom

    Price: $151.99

    28. An ottoman bench that to the untrained eye looks like a place for sitting, but is actually a place for storing. Seriously, the top pops open, so you can stash whatever clutter you need to hide. Absolutely brilliant.

    The bench with top up revealing a pillow and blanket inside

    Promising review: "The color is a rich chocolate brown and looks of good quality. It can easily seat two. I love the fact that it came assembled in the box. Just needed to screw on legs. Love it!" β€”Dorothy

    Price: $117.50

    29. A shower caddy with four adjustable shelves, so your toiletries aren't just hanging around on the corner of your tub. Plus, with hooks to hang your shower head, scrubs, and razors, you can really maximize space and reduce clutter.

    The caddy hung up with items on shelves

    Promising review: "This caddy is a gorgeous color with the oil-rubbed bronze. I also like that the top part of this has a rubber piece to keep it secure. I hate when they fall down and spill your products everywhere, so that is a really nice feature. I also like that this one has several hooks for hanging bath sponges. Four hooks! I do feel like this is a tall caddy, so it comes down a little lower, which I am glad because my small kids can still reach their sponges on the hooks. Tall shampoo bottles can easily fit on any of the shelves, especially because it is adjustable left and right!" β€”Ky13mom

    Price: $20.97

    30. A small glass jar for keeping small things like cotton swabs and cotton balls in one aesthetically pleasing place.

    The jar filled with cotton swabs

    Promising review: "This is a great addition to any bathroom. We use it for Q-tips and it looks nice on the bathroom vanity. It gives it a clean look while being useful as well. You could use this for many things in your bathroom so the possibilities are endless. This would also be perfect to use for hair elastics since they are always easy to lose. It is definitely worth the price." β€”Catlady1977

    Price: $7.97

    31. A two-tier corner shelf, so you can stack together the soaps, toothbrushes, and lotions scattered on your bathroom sink. You're maximizing space *and* decluttering your bathroom.

    The shelf with items  on top

    Promising review: "I love this. It gives me some storage for often-used personal items in the bathroom, without the clutter. The metal work is light and looks less industrial than many I looked at before getting this one." β€”Onlineshopper

    Price: $15.76

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