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19 Things Every British Jew Does At Christmas

No you schmuck, we don't really celebrate Christmas.

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3. As soon as it's December, everyone starts stressing out about Christmas shopping.

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5. And somehow novelty socks become work appropriate

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Just, why?


15. Lots of us enter the alternate universe of Limmud, where Rabbis are rockstars and socks and sandals rule.

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There's food and schmoozing, which is basically all you ever need.

16. If we opt to stay in town over the festive period, we end up celebrating Christmas Eve by going to a super-club with 2,000 other Jews.

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17. And for Christmas lunch, we eat a kosher turkey.

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Which is basically like a normal turkey, but twice the price.

19. And best of all: Because Christmas falls on a Friday this year, we'll have a fantastic dinner.

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When it comes to Shabbat dinner, we know what we're doing.