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    18 Things Jews Can't Get Enough Of At Chanukah

    Channukah? Chanukah? Hannukah? Hunnu... Oh, forget it. Have a doughnut!

    1. Being encouraged to eat a frankly ridiculous number of doughnuts.

    Flickr: joshbousel

    Sufganiyot all the way, baby.

    2. Seriously. It's basically a mitzvah to eat doughnuts.

    Flickr: zlatko

    Especially if you manage eat the whole thing without licking your lips.

    3. Also, the doughnuts are free. You do not have to pay for them.

    4. Being served latkes with apple sauce.

    Flickr: 18976239@N00

    Mmmmmmm...fried potato pancakes.

    5. The fact that, sometimes, the latkes are colourful.

    Flickr: canadianveggie

    Those are beetroot and courgette latkes.

    6. Playing with dreidels.

    Extra points for ones that light up and play "Ma'oz Tzur".

    7. Playing with massive dreidels.

    Anna Sheinman / BuzzFeed

    8. Going to multiple parties, every night of the week, which all feature doughnuts.

    9. The fact that it's suddenly cool to be on your company's JSoc, because it means you get to control the party guest list.

    10. Seeing multi-coloured candles everywhere.

    11. Freezing your arse off at all the public candle lightings.

    12. The number of politicians who suddenly get involved.

    Flickr: number10gov

    Why this festival, guys?

    13. Hanukkah gelt.

    14. Rewatching this episode of Friends.

    Warner Bros. /

    15. And all these episodes of The O.C.

    16. Chabad literally providing everything you need.

    Anna Sheinman / BuzzFeed

    17. Having a celebration that's basically just one big high-five for still existing. Go team!

    18. Oh, and did we mention doughnuts?

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