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17 Kittens Who Understand Your Exhaustion After Eating A Holiday Meal

Meowy Christmas & A Sleepy New Year.

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1. "I am so happy... but also, I can't move."

2. "Don't look at me."

3. "Wake me up when dessert is ready."

4. "I just literally can't even right now."

5. "After-dinner drinks? More like after-dinner IV of coffee pls."

6. "Just thinking about those potatoes makes me want to violently nap."

7. "I might actually turn into a turkey after all of that turkey."

8. "Yes...right here...seems...comfy..."

9. "I can't keep my eyes open."

10. "I'm so full, I don't even know who I am anymore."

11. "I'm content. Leave me here till New Year's."

12. "That ham was amazing, but I'm ready for a 3-day nap."

13. "Don't mind me. I'm going to curl up over here."

14. "Guys, I'm not gonna make it."

15. "I'm gonna pretend like I don't exist for the next two hours."

16. "WORTH IT."

17. *Falls over into food coma*

Take an after-dinner holiday cat nap. You deserve it.

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