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Holley Mangold's Injury-Defying Lift In 11 Pictures

American weightlifter Holley Mangold wasn't sure she'd even be able to finish her event Sunday, due to a wrist injury. But she did — we take a look at her performance below.

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Lars Baron / Getty Images

Mangold (above at the opening ceremonies with Kobe Bryant) came to London with an injured right wrist, which can be a problem if you're lifting 500-lb weights over your head.


Hassan Ammar / AP

In Olympic weightlifting, a competitor has to complete the "snatch" (lifting the weight overhead in one motion) in order to move on to the "clean and jerk" (lifting it to the shoulders and then overhead). Due to her injury, Mangold was worried she might not.


Hassan Ammar / AP

Mangold is already psyched for 2016. She says, “This is just the beginning. This made me really excited for the next Olympics, so I’ll be there, and that time I won’t be hurt.”

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