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    Updated on Aug 25, 2020. Posted on Apr 17, 2012

    7 Other Wage Gaps To Remember On Equal Pay Day

    Women earn 77 cents to every dollar men make (at least according to the 2008 census). But that's not the only wage gap in America. Let's look at some others.

    1. Black women make less than 70 percent as much as white men.

    2008 Census data reported that black women made 61 cents to white men's dollar. In 2010 [pdf], that gap had closed some, with black women earning 69.6% as much as white men. By contrast, white women earned 80.5 percent as much as white men in 2010, while Asian-American women earned 90.9 percent as much.

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    2. Hispanic women earn less than 60 percent as much as white men.

    In 2010, Hispanic women's wages were 59.8% of white men's. As of 2009, Hispanic women had the lowest median income of any group, at $27,181.

    3. People with disabilities earn 86 percent as much as people without.

    And that's if they work full-time. People with disabilities who work part-time earn just 64 percent as much as other part-time workers.

    4. Gay men earn 11 to 27 percent less than straight men.

    Three different studies found that gay men made less than straight ones, though the size of the disparity varied. Interestingly, one of these studies also found that lesbian women made 20 to 34% more than straight women.

    5. Transgender women make almost one-third less after they start living as female.

    But transgender men make slightly more than when they were living as women.

    6. Women in Wyoming make 64 cents to the men's dollar.

    Wyoming has the biggest wage gap of any state. Washington, DC has the smallest, with women making 91 percent of what men there make.

    7. Black men make about three-quarters of what white men do.

    In 2010, black men's earnings were 74.5% of white men's. That gap has actually widened in recent years — in 1999, black men made 80.6% as much as whites. And a 2005 report [pdf] points out that those numbers only compare men who actually have jobs — if you take into account black men who are jobless and/or incarcerated, the gap gets even worse.

    h/t Shelby Knox.

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