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    30 Things That Are Awesome About Being 30

    Never fear, becoming a (sorta) grown-up is actually pretty great.

    1. You've established your personal style.

    2. But you're flexible enough to try something new once in a while.

    3. You know your limits.

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    4. But you can still push them from time to time.

    5. You know how to keep your living space decently clean.

    6. But you can still let things slide when you feel like it.

    You're an adult. You're in charge.

    7. People actually come to you for advice.

    8. But you're not too old to ask for advice yourself.

    9. You're experienced enough to know when something is overpriced.

    10. And when you shouldn't skimp.

    11. You're old enough to decide you're just not going to read "Moby Dick."

    12. Or go skydiving.

    And you're OK with that.

    13. People look up to you.

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    14. But you still have role models too.

    15. You know how to treat yourself.

    16. And how to brighten someone else's day.

    17. You've learned how to say you're sorry.

    18. And how to stand your ground when you know you're right.

    19. You know what you like.

    20. And you're not ashamed of it.

    21. You no longer have to eat things you hate.

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    Sorry, portobello mushroom sandwich. I'm a grown-up now, and I eat what I want!

    22. Or hang out with people who don't make you happy.

    23. But you can still make new friends.

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    24. And try new things.

    Macey J. Foronda for BuzzFeed

    25. You're no longer embarrassed by most drugstore purchases.

    And hopefully you have a few years before you have to start buying Depends.

    26. You know how to shop for clothes that actually fit.

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    27. How to keep track of your important papers.

    28. How to pay your taxes.

    29. And how to prepare a basic meal.

    30. But you still have so much to learn.

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    Being 30 is cause for celebration!

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