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21 Times Emma Stone Gave Absolutely Zero F*cks

She just doesn’t care and it’s amazing.

1. When she prepared a PowerPoint presentation to convince her parents to let her pursue her acting career at age 14.

2. When she changed her name to Emma because she thought it would make for a better stage name.

3. When, along with boyfriend Andrew Garfield, she tricked the paparazzi and used her fame to do good.


4. When she said this and everyone yelled out “PREACH”.

5. When she wasn't afraid to call people out on casual sexism, even when it came from her own boyfriend.

6. And when she shut this reporter down.

7. When she didn't give two fucks about admitting that half of the time she’s slightly lost.

8. That time she sang like no one was watching and had the time of her life.

9. And that other time she danced like there was no tomorrow.

10. Generally, every time she was not afraid to make a goof of herself.

11. When she made these facial expressions. Did she care? Not really.


12. When she had JLaw wrapped around her little finger.

13. When she became a minister just so she could officiate her publicist’s marriage.

14. And when she publicly admitted she couldn't handle being on Facebook.

15. That time she couldn't care less about the mean tweets she gets.

16. When she admitted to never having a one-night stand and completely owned it.

17. When she was more excited by the Lego Oscar than the real thing.

18. When she creeped on Eleanor Matsuura, Andrew Garfield, and Neil Stuke – just because.

19. And when she caught a fan trying to take a sneaky picture of her and did this.

20. When she studied American Sign Language all throughout school and loved every second of it.

21. And finally, when she fangirled over Spice Girls more than once on national TV and didn’t really mind that people were laughing at how passionate she was.

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