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26 Signs You Are Probably Going Through A Quarter-Life Crisis

"How do I adult?"

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1. First of all, you clicked through to this article.

2. And that’s probably because you’re keep on asking yourself, “Am I an adult yet?”


How do I know if I'm all grown up? Is there an official training first? Do I get an "Adult Human Being" badge? HELP?

3. And as a result, you’re still trying to figure out whether who you are and what you do is good enough.

4. And that, in turn, is making you super emotional.


5. Any Adele or Sam Smith song is likely to set you off crying for at least 15 minutes at any given time of the day.

Via Nickelodeon

And it doesn't matter if you're in your room, on your own. Or with your friends. Or in the middle of a shopping centre.

6. Actually, films and TV shows have a similar effect on you.

7. You feel like you have to make a choice between financial stability yet a boring lifestyle, or thrilling life full of excitement but with a less steady job.


And the harder you think about it, the more confused you become.

8. So consequently, thinking about being stuck in a boring office job till you’re more or less 60 makes you die a little inside.

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9. And dreaming about big adventures is something that you do often.

Via Warner Bros

10. You keep on wondering if a gap year or a backpacking trip around the world would solve your problems for you.


Jennifer went to teach English to kids in China while knitting sweaters for underprivileged Russian orphans, self-studying Spanish at the same time. Maybe I should do the same?

11. Plus, there’s a constant battle in your head between the willingness to succeed and the fear of embarrassing yourself.


WWOD - What Would Oprah Do?

12. So naturally, binge-watching four seasons of your favourite TV show seems like a reasonable plan for a Sunday. Or Monday. Or, in fact, any other day you don’t absolutely HAVE TO leave the house.

Via Nickelodeon

13. You look at your pet(s) with envy, wishing your life was as simple as theirs.

Days revolving around taking naps and eating? Yes, please!

14. In other words, you’ve perfected the art of avoiding responsibilities and important life decisions.


And secretly, you're a little bit proud of that.

15. On top of all that, you tend to spend way more than you earn. And we’re only talking about the bare necessities like rent or food.

16. Therefore, budgeting gives you a tiny heart attack every time you have to do it.

17. Buying groceries? Migraine. / Via Sportsnet

18. Paying bills? Stomach ache.


19. Doing taxes? Mini seizure.


20. Actually, wait...what are taxes? Why do I have to pay them? How do I pay them?


So many questions. So little answers.

21. Looking for a proper job has never been more stressful.


You need experience to get a job. You need a job to get experience. A total nightmare.

22. You've had at least three shitty jobs in the last three years.

23. You’ve moved houses at least three times in the last three years.

24. You’ve had at least three partners in the last three years…

Via Warner Bros

25. ...or you’ve had zero partners in the last three years and are often wondering whether you’ll die alone, with 20 cats at your side, laughing maniacally.

26. But the truth is: YOU’LL BE FINE.


I have a secret for you – no one really knows what they're doing. Your friends that seem so put together? They have no idea. That confident guy you've met in the pub last week? He's probably super lost as well. Your parents? Well, maybe they know more or less what to do, but they're also clueless from time to time. Just don't try to focus too much on what other people do or say. You do you. Keep on dreaming. Keep on working.