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    15 Sitcom Characters Whose Spin-Off You Would Actually Watch

    Give me a Susan and Carol family sitcom, stat.

    1. Susan from Friends


    Can we talk about how great Susan Bunch was for a second? And how great a family comedy about her would be? We could see Susan and Carol meeting, falling in love, having Ben, and occasional appearances from Ross.

    2. Winston from New Girl


    Imagine: A whole show full of every gem that comes out of Winston's mouth. Now that Winston's joined the police force, a cop comedy about Winston fighting crime with his partner in justice, Ferguson, would be perfect.

    3. Kelly and Ryan from The Office


    Step aside, Jim and Pam — you guys already got your happily ever after. What the world needs is a show following what happened to Kelly and Ryan's epic love. Their relationship would likely be a clusterfuck of drama, which would make for damn good television.

    4. Lincoln from Broad City

    Comedy Central

    A quirky workplace comedy about Lincoln the dentist, who has a small but loyal following for his food blog, The Al Dente Dentist? Yes, please.

    5. Maeby from Arrested Development


    Please god, let us just go back in time for a teen comedy centered around Maeby Fünke. What was Maeby like in middle school? Who was her friend group? Like, before her parents messed her up to Season 4 levels. TELL USSSS.

    6. Troy and Abed from Community


    Let's pretend Troy never left, and he and Abed lived together forever. Please just let there be a New Girl–style comedy of Troy and Abed getting into wacky and hilarious adventures together, and maybe occasionally professing their love for each other. Annie can come too.

    7. Jillian Belk from Workaholics

    Comedy Central

    Who doesn't need more awkward, relatable, leading ladies in workplace comedies? Jillian always knows your soul, now it's time to know hers more deeply. How did she get this job? What are the painful dates she goes on? IT'S GREAT TV, PEOPLE.

    8. Donna from Parks and Recreation


    Every line from Donna in this whole show was pure gold, and the world needs more. Think of it — a family sitcom about Donna and Joe, figuring out their lives together? With Donna as the reigning matriarch of the house? Beautiful.

    9. Kenneth from 30 Rock


    Oh, man. There is just so much to unpack here, so many mysteries to be solved. This could be some sort of hilarious supernatural, sci-fi comedy. Possibly the next Doctor Who incarnation?

    10. Titus from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


    We're probably going to get some great storylines about Titus in upcoming seasons, but wouldn't it also be amazing to go back and get a young Titus, when he first moved to New York, full of hope and Broadway dreams?

    11. Tamra and Sheena from The Mindy Project


    Who wouldn't pay good money to see Sheena and Tamara living together, working as a team? They would go around fixing people's lives, while also trying to stay on top of their own drama.

    12. Tina from Bob's Burgers


    A high school comedy about a realistically awkward, nontraditionally feminine young girl who is coming to terms with her sexuality — the potential is right here for the taking. All Tina, all the time, please.

    13. Karen from Will and Grace


    Honestly, just a whole show starring Karen being herself, making snappy remarks, and hopefully dating lots of women, would be A+. Maybe she has some run-ins with an ex-husband or two. Maybe she meets Ron Swanson and drinks him under the table.

    14. Rosa from Brooklyn Nine-Nine


    No, Rosa, we don't know nearly enough. A whole show about her being a badass, probably taking down people who wronged her in her spare time, would be so clutch.

    15. Robin and Barney from How I Met Your Mother


    In which Robin and Barney live together as a couple happily ever after and everything is right with the world.

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