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Apparently In Texas You Get Pickles When You Go To The Movies

Whatever happened to just popcorn?

Most people would probably agree that the staple movie theater snack is some good old-fashioned popcorn.


But Texans, being unique as they are, like to do the movies a little differently.

chaosxsilencer / Via

Yep, in Texas the go-to snack for enjoying the elegant art of the cinema is a giant fistful of dill pickle.

Find them at the concession counter, wedged between the Skittles and Sour Punch, with vaguely sexual brand names.

Movie date with bae? Two pickles for double the romance.

Via Twitter: @TaraCate20


Needless to say, non-Texans are a little surprised at the idea of a pickle being a "movie classic."

Popcorn, it seems, is thankfully still a thing. Just, with a pickle.

You do you, Texas. You do you.

  1. Does your movie theater sell pickles?

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Does your movie theater sell pickles?
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    Yes, I'm from Texas, and I can't believe nowhere else does that!!!
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    Yes, but I'm not from Texas and it's really not that weird.
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    No, I get popcorn like a normal person.
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    No, but I wish they did!

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