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Ariana Grande Flawlessly Shut Down Sexist Comments In A Radio Interview

Ariana knows the unicorn emoji isn't just for girls.

While doing an interview with Power 106, Ariana Grande calmly shut down sexist comments from her interviewers.

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First the DJs asked her to choose between using makeup or her phone one last time. Without missing a beat, Ariana called them out.

Her interviewers insisted on the question and asked her, "Can you really go without your cell phone? How many hours?"

Then they tried to make her out as an exception but Ariana wouldn't have any of that, either.

But then they got on the topic of the unicorn emoji, and it kept going.

Ariana refused to let them categorize.

She patiently sits there and educates.


By the end, she was so done.

Preach, Ariana. Preach.