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15 Things That Would Happen If "Doctor Who" Time-Travelled To Australia

"The Doctor can understand all languages in the universe EXCEPT the Australian accent, which completely confounds him!" - Steven Moffat

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Doctor Who has been whizzing through time and space for 51 years. Yet in that lengthy amount of time, the doctor has travelled to Australia only once. ONCE.

In 1968, the second Doctor, played by Patrick Troughton, travelled forward to 2018 with companions Jamie and Victoria to an Australian beach called Cape Arid.

We think once wasn't enough. After all, Australia is such a popular destination for Brits.

Anna Mendoza / BuzzFeed

So naturally, when show creator and weeping angels mastermind, Steven Moffat came to Australia for the Doctor Who festival, BuzzFeed asked what he thought would happen if the Doctor directed the TARDIS Down Under.


8. The Doctor's worst Australian nightmare? NOT the crocodile in these photos...

Outer Edge Photography

"The most deadly creature involved here are the ones inside the tank. Those human beings are outrageous, deadly predators and he’s frequently had to tackle them."


11. And, don't expect him to be saying "crikey" while in Australia.

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

"The Doctor talks his own way, he doesn’t pick up anybody else’s slang. The Doctor makes no attempt to blend in anywhere."

13. The direction the TARDIS will spin won't change as it enters the southern hemisphere, unlike toilet flushes.


"Timelord technology has evolved the TARDIS beyond the point where it’s directly comparable to the toilet."