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Australia’s Election Campaign As Told By Malcolm Turnbull’s Ties

56 days, 39 ties.

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If you've been watching what the prime minister has been wearing around his neck for the past 55 days, you'll know Malcolm Turnbull doesn't go for ordinary. The man's got a tie for every occasion, and he gave us a decent glimpse at his closet during this lengthy election.

AAP / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

Here are some interesting stats:

- Apparent favourite colour: ORANGE (worn 13 times)

- Wore RED (11 times) more than BLUE (his party's traditional colour of choice, 7 times)

- Did not wear a tie 17 out of 56 times

- Really really likes patterned ties (38/39 times)

- The one time he wore a plain coloured tie, the tie was a textured material.



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