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    27 Photos That Show How Epic Surfing In Australia Is

    As if you need more reason to hit the beach this summer.

    Surf photographers are witnesses to some of the most incredible displays of nature. While powerful lenses are usually enough to get a good shot, it's those that put themselves under the pressure of the mighty surf that capture the feel and flow, and the intensity of the sport.

    Nikon and Hachette Australia have compiled the best surf photography in a new book The Best of the Best from Surfing Australia, a collection of photos taken between 2013-2017, and here's a selection.

    Maelstrom 1, by Luke Shadbolt

    Adam Melling, by Stu Gibson

    The Tempest, by Chris Gurney

    Impetus, by Ray Collins

    Infinity Wall, by Luke Shadbolt

    Chatoyant, by Leroy Bellet

    Silver Surfer, by Philip Thurston

    Stacked, by Ed Sloane

    Batu, by Woody Gooch

    Java, by Woody Gooch

    Monster, by Philip Thurston

    Convection, by Ray Collins

    Avalanche, by Ray Collins

    Sea Shell, by Deb Morris

    Dancing With The Devil, by Andrew Chisholm

    Shadows, by Mark Onorati

    Desperate, by Stu Gibson

    Happy Chip, by Simon Williams

    Wedge Machine, by Luke Shadbolt

    Enticing, by Dane Peterson

    Surfers' Shadows, by Craig David Parry

    Flying Free, by Andrew Chisholm

    Big Turn Blur, by Mark Onorati

    Southern Blaze, by Bill Morris

    Kirra III, by Ted Grambeau

    Afternoon Peak, by Andrew Chisholm

    Leg Splits, by Andrew Chisholm

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