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    18 Bizarre Sex Toys That'll Confuse The Hell Out Of You

    Because everyone needs a Hello Kitty dildo. (NSFW, obviously.)

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the strangest sex toys they've ever seen. Here are the mind-blowing results.

    1. The SnorkelO, a vibrating "snorkel" for when you wanna take a dive in-between someone's legs.

    2. Seadragon Lil' Squirt, a somewhat ~smaller~ dildo that ejaculates lube into you.

    3. The Electroshock Stimulation Kit you can stick any place on your body where you want to feel a shock. /

    You can also use the plug if you'd like more of an...internal experience.

    —Kelly Hutchins, Facebook

    Available on Amazon for $58.99.

    4. The Handie, which claims to be even better than your own hand at jacking you off. /

    Complete with self-lube and a tight grip.

    —Ale Garcia, Facebook

    Sadly, it's no longer available.

    5. The Zombie Fleshlight, which works just like a normal Fleshlight — except it's spookier.

    6. The vibrating tongue ring, which undoubtedly makes oral sex more fun.

    7. These mystical dragon dildos and tails. /


    Available from Bad Dragon from $55 (for the purple tail) and from $70 (for the dragon penis).

    8. The Area 51 Love Doll, an ~out of this world~ blow-up doll. You know what it's for.

    —Chrissy Smyth, Facebook

    Sadly, it's no longer available.

    9. The Werewolf Muzzle, which isn't for your face — you put a penis in it.

    —Katherine Haché, Facebook

    Available from Bad Dragon for $130.

    10. The Grim Reaper Dildo, which is a little ominous but also...exciting, tbh.

    11. The Screaming O Mini Octopus Vibrator, which has tiny tentacles to add just the right amount of sensation.

    —Alaea Roberts, Facebook

    Sadly, it's no longer available.

    12. The Dildo Sword, which is just a dildo with cool handles, m'ladies and good sirs. /


    Black glass sword available from Glassvibrations for $49 and gray and blue silicone sword from Etsy for $120.

    13. The Half Pup Mask, for when you want to role play on all fours.

    14. The Hello Kitty Vibrator, so you can let your quirky personality shine while experiencing your big O.

    Twitter: @hanleia /

    —Kelly Hutchins, Facebook

    Sadly, it's no longer available.

    15. The Mythos Dildo, for people who really want to prove how much they love monstrous-looking creatures.

    Anna Kopsky

    Custom styles available from Etsy starting at $150.

    16. The Erotic Love Piggie, which is literally an inflatable pig sex doll wearing makeup. Not judging.

    17. The Rascal Double Dong Fister, meant to just shove right in so you can enjoy maximum pleasure.

    18. And the Tonguetacle, inspired by hentai fantasies, which allows you to lick yourself — anywhere.

    You can see more insanely unique sex toys here.

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