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21 Struggles You'll Understand If You Have A Lot Of Feelings

"I just have a lot of feelings." — Mean Girls

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community what they hate most about being super sensitive. Here's what they had to say.

1. Every emotion you have is felt on a seriously deep level — when you're happy, you're ecstatic, and when sad, you're devastated.

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—Tina Lagerquist, Facebook

2. When someone doesn't immediately respond to your text or email, you assume you've done something wrong.

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—Erica Barr Hemsath Anderson, Facebook

3. When people don't treat you as nicely as you treat them, you take it pretty damn personally.


—Bidita Mahmud, Facebook

4. Every time someone's a dick to you, they always insist you're just "too sensitive," which usually isn't the problem.


—Rae Ehrlich, Facebook

5. You always feel like you're annoying or disappointing everyone, even when deep down you know you've done nothing wrong.

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6. Any given moment could make you both laugh your ass off and cry your eyes out, and sometimes you're not even sure why.

—Anna Tanksley, Facebook

7. You're hyperaware of everyone's emotions around you, so 90% of your life is spent on sensory overload.

— Anna Kopsky
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8. Making even the tiniest mistake causes much more stress for you than it should.


—Toni Galata, Facebook

9. And if someone else makes a mistake, you still feel guilty, because you worry it's still somehow your fault.


—Erica Barr Hemsath Anderson, Facebook

10. At any moment, a comment someone made years ago could appear in your head and bug you. Like, stop, brain.

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—Morgan Shafer, Facebook

11. People always try to define your sensitivity as you being "dramatic" or "weak."


—Lexy Nichole Davis, Facebook

12. You're not a confrontational person, because you're nervous you might not be able to handle others' reactions.


—Ada Vanderlyle, Facebook

13. It's rough AF to get into the dating scene, because your emotions are already on edge, and dating takes a LOT out of you.


—Elizabeth Sanford, Facebook

14. And you always feel like you're way more attached to crushes, friends, or significant others than they are to you.



15. Sometimes, you are so affected by your emotions that it makes you want to just lay down and nap forever.

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—Leslie Streff, Facebook

16. When you have a rational reason to get upset, people don't take you seriously.

17. And usually when someone asks why you're upset, you don't want to tell them. Because sometimes it just seems silly.


—Anna Tanksley, Facebook

18. You’re always nervous about potentially getting upset at work, because you're afraid your crying will be taken as unprofessional.

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—Toni Galata, Facebook

19. Any movie or TV show you watch, whether happy or sad, makes you feel all the feelings.


—Brooke Freeman, Facebook

20. You always want to give your friends insight to your thoughts and feelings, but worry you'll bore them.

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21. And though you have so many feelings you don't even know what to do with, you wouldn't change a damn thing. Because it's what makes you, you.

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