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18 Unsettling Incidents Guaranteed To Fuck You Up A Bit


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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which inexplicable incidents scare the heck out of them. Here are the chilling results.

Note: Not all submissions are from Community users.

1. The 33,330-foot fall and survival of Vesna Vulović:

Wikipedia Commons / Fair Use, Wikipedia Commons / CC BY-SA 2.0 / Via

The Serbian flight attendant survived a 33,330-foot fall from a plane... without a parachute. A bomb went off on a flight in January 1972, causing a crash, and she was the sole survivor. Though she was paralyzed from the waist down, she insisted she couldn't remember anything from the fall, and wasn't afraid of flying afterward.


2. The Hollinwell incident:


At an annual event called the Hollinwell Show in England in 1980, adults, kids, and babies inexplicably began feeling nauseous, getting sore throats, and fainting, until around 300 had collapsed. Scientists have partially blamed the mass sickness on pesticides in the air, but that hasn't been fully confirmed.

3. The reincarnation of the Pollock twins:


In May 1957, John and Florence Pollock's two daughters died in a car accident. In 1958, Florence got pregnant with twins, and shit got weird: The twins would ask to play with toys they'd never seen before that belonged to their deceased sisters, they'd recall memories from places they'd never been, and one was even born with the exact same birthmarks as one of the sisters who'd passed.


4. The Solway Firth Spaceman:

Wikipedia Commons / Fair Use

In 1964, British fireman Jim Templeton took three photos of his daughter outside in Northern England. In one picture, a spacesuit seemed to be in the background, though Templeton insists no one else was present. Photograph analysts from Kodak have confirmed the picture hasn't been retouched, and UFOlogists have examined it, but what *exactly* is in the background cannot be solidly confirmed.

5. The deserted Mary Celeste:

Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain

In December 1872, this American merchant sailboat was found deserted, floating in the Atlantic. Its lifeboat was missing, but the crew's belongings were untouched. So few facts can be proven about what happened to this boat's inhabitants that theorists have resorted to tales of paranormal activity, a giant squid attack, and sea earthquakes.

—João Victor Lack, Facebook

6. The Bloop:

Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain

In 1997, an underwater microphone captured an ultra-low frequency sound in the deep ocean. For years, many hypothesized the noise was made by a gigantic, unknown animal, but the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said in 2012 that they were ~pretty sure~ it was an ice shelf cracking. PRETTY. SURE.


7. The mysterious deaths on Overtoun Bridge:

Wikipedia Commons / CC BY-SA 2.0 / Via, Wikipedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0 / Via

From the 1950s to today, over 600 dogs have jumped to their deaths off the side of this bridge, flinging themselves onto the rocks below. In 1994, one man threw his baby from here as well, claiming the kid was an incarnation of Satan. The only explanation for all of this? Paranormal activity, of course.


8. The Phoenix Lights UFO sighting:

Wikipedia Commons / Fair Use

One night in March 1997, multiple people from Phoenix to Sonora, Mexico, swore they saw a giant V-shape rushing by in the sky that was "several football-fields long," with lights all along its base. Others say they saw questionable-looking lights in Phoenix as well, but the US Air Force claims they dropped flares that night, so no UFOs to see here, folks!!!


9. The disappearance of the princes in the tower:

Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain

When Edward IV of England died in 1483, he appointed his brother to watch over his two sons. Edward V, 12, and Richard of Shrewsbury, 9, were locked in the Tower of London right after their dad's death by their uncle, and mysteriously went missing. Their bones were suspected to be found in 1674, but this hasn't been proven. WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM?

—Chase Harrison Slaughter, Facebook

10. The "Wow!" signal:

Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain

A radio telescope specifically made to receive extraterrestrial messages picked up a signal on August 15, 1977, in Ohio. An astronomer noticed the blip in data, which seemed to come from the constellation Sagittarius, and was so amazed he wrote "Wow!" next to the 72-second disturbance. Unfortunately, this tiny signal didn't ~confirm~ that aliens exist.

11. The mysterious identity of murderer Bible John:

Three young women were brutally killed in Scotland in the late '60s, but the identity of their murderer is unknown. All witnesses separately claimed that the suspect quoted the Bible before the killings, and each account was so similar that police don't doubt the crimes were all committed by the same person. But who was he, and what were his motives???



12. The 2016 disappearance of Dutch and British shipwrecks:

Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain

The remains of three wrecked WWII ships suddenly disappeared from their previous spots at the bottom of the Java Sea in Indonesia, and people were pissed. One probable theory is that the ships were stolen and sold, which is unfortunately common, but this one's a travesty because the finding of these ships in 2002 was a pretty big deal.

13. The hauntings at Toys "R" Us in Sunnyvale, California:


As if rows and rows of dolls weren't spooky enough, this location was supposedly a ranch back in the day. A ranch hand fell in love with a young girl, but died when he fell into a wood chipper, and now haunts the store. Most employees who've worked there say they fear it's haunted.

14. The moving coffins of Chase Vault:


The Chase Vault is a large burial vault of coffins in the Christ Church Parish cemetery in Barbados. Legend says in the 1800s, every time the tightly-sealed vault was reopened, the coffins inside would somehow be in different spots. Accounts of this moving coffins have all been "conflicting," so this is widely believed to be just a legend.

15. The Atlas Vampire killing:

Flickr Creative Commons / Jo Naylor / Via, Wikipedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0 / Via

In May 1932, sex worker Lilly Lindeström was murdered in her home in Stockholm, and had been dead for almost 3 days when police found her. She was naked, killed by a blunt force trauma to her head. Even worse, next to her body was a gravy ladle, and she'd been completely drained of blood. The case remains unsolved.


16. The unidentified Isdal Woman:

Wikipedia Commons / Fair Use, Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain

The charred body of a woman was found in Norway's "Death Valley" in November 1970. She'd died from sleeping pills and carbon monoxide poisoning, but every bit of information about her identity remains a mystery to this day: labels had been removed from her clothes and pill bottles, witnesses said she spoke multiple languages, and her final destination unknown.


17. Missing Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 2501:

Fair Use, Wikipedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0 / Via

This plane was carrying 55 passengers and three crew members when it went missing over Lake Michigan during a flight from New York City to Seattle on June 23, 1950. Light debris and some human body parts were found floating, but nothing else was found, so the cause of the crash remains unknown.

18. And the 11-day disappearance of Agatha Christie:

Wikipedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0 / Via, Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain

The author got into her car and drove off on December 3, 1926, and didn't return until December 14, launching one of the largest search parties in history. Her car was found abandoned, but without signs of an accident. When she was found, alive in an England hotel, she couldn't remember a single detail about where she'd been, and never spoke of it again.

Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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