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Tell Us The Creepiest, Most Inexplicable Incident You've Ever Heard Of

Go on, freak us out.

Life is full of creepy, hard-to-explain events, and falling down an internet rabbit hole to learn about them is fascinating.


Maybe you're intrigued by the '87 Max Headroom TV signal hijackings in Chicago, where two masked people hacked into programming and freaked out the viewers.

Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain

Perhaps hearing that some U.S. Senators received anthrax-laced letters in 2001 — and that there is still no known motive behind the letters — shakes you to your core.

Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain

Or maybe the disappearance of the Sodder children terrified you, because their home went up in flames in 1945, but their bodies were never found.

Wikipedia Commons / Fair Use

Mysterious happenings make life more interesting, so tell us: What inexplicable event creeps you out and intrigues the hell out of you?

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