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19 Internet Urban Legends That’ll Literally Scare The Hell Out Of You

And you thought you were gonna sleep tonight.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the scariest internet urban legends, otherwise known as Creepypastas, they’ve ever read. Here are the terrifying results.

1. The Expressionless

2. The Smiling Man

3. Candle Cove

A group of people reminisce about a terrifying and strange TV show called Candle Cove from their 1970s childhood, but learn something really messed up in the end: The show didn't actually exist.

—Tonya Brown, Facebook

4. Abandoned by Disney

The narrator explores the grounds of the rumored abandoned Disney's Mowgli's Palace in North Carolina. At first, they find nothing more than rotting structures, until they find a horrifying creature in a Mickey costume that asks, "Hey, wanna see my head come off?"

—Katie Mark-Thomas, Facebook

5. BEN Drowned

6. Lavender Town Syndrome

7. Penpal

A man looks into seemingly unrelated and horrific occurrences that happened during his childhood, to try to finally understand them. You'll follow the main character as he finds out that these terrifying events are actually part of a single story that has shaped his whole life and the lives of everyone around him. Y'all loved this spooky tale so much, it became a book.


8. Annie96 Is Typing...

Annie is home alone talking to her friend David online, when someone who looks exactly like David appears outside her window, sees her, and breaks in. Presented as an instant message conversation, this story is creepy AF.


9. 1999

10. Kisaragi Station

This one's presented through forum messages. A girl named Hasumi takes her regular train home, but it doesn't go its usual route. She gets off at a different stop and terrifying shit starts happening.

—Jack Hessey, Facebook

11. The Harbinger Experiment

12. The Song and Dance Man

13. NoEnd House

A man tries to make it to the last room of a legendary haunted house attraction to win $500. Each room gets progressively more terrifying, until the main character comes in contact with possibly the Devil himself.


14. The Rake

15. Pokèmon Lost Silver

16. The Slender Man

Slender Man is described as a tall man wearing a suit, whose alleged purpose is to kill children. He sometimes appears with several tentacles protruding from his body, and is able to hypnotize his victims so that they are physically unable to resist walking away from him.


17. Laughing Jack

18. Teeth.jpg

19. And Squidward's Suicide

An ex-Nickelodeon intern recalls a lost SpongeBob SquarePants episode in which the character Squidward Tentacles starts crying blood while sitting on the edge of his bed. When the interns bring animators into the room for their opinion, the animators find shots of dead children hidden in the film.

Spencer Althouse

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