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    17 Bridesmaid Horror Stories That'll Scar You For Life

    "I farted so badly another girl fell over and got her arm stuck in a railing."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community the worst thing that's happened to them as a bridesmaid. Here are the cringeworthy results.

    1. The gassy gal.

    I had really bad gas, I think from nerves. The bridal party was about to walk down the aisle, and I let out a horrible fart. It smelled so awful that I knocked my sister over. She fell and pushed a little girl, getting the girl's arm stuck in a railing. The girl was screaming. Everyone knew about my gassiness by the end of the night.


    2. The cake mistake.

    I was trying to get the best man to sober up with some coffee. He spilled it, slipped in the coffee puddle, and grabbed my dress on the way down. I clutched the tablecloth and jerked the wedding cake down to the floor.


    3. The presenting of the gifts.

    Another bridesmaid and I had to bring red wine and a basket of bread to the altar. Instead of waiting for the priest, we went up the stairs. I stepped on my long dress and abruptly stopped. The other girl didn't stop in time and I spilled the entire bottle of wine all over our dresses AND the bride.


    4. The shiner.

    During the bachelorette party, one of the girls was too drunk and wasn't allowed in the bar. I offered to buy her a cab home. She responded by screaming at me and ended up punching me in the face. Luckily my black eye was gone by the wedding.


    5. The smelly flower girl.

    When I was 7, I was in my dad and stepmom's wedding and was very nervous. When the music started, one of the older girls asked if I was ready. Instead of answering, I just opened my mouth and threw up down the front of my dress. I walked down the aisle in that damp, smelly outfit.

    —Kimber Elena Andruss, Facebook

    6. The sting.

    My friend's wedding was in a pretty location with gorgeous foliage. While the bridal party stood at the altar waiting for the bride, we started feeling painful pricks — one of the bushes was filled with wasps! The ceremony came to an abrupt halt and we all ran.


    7. The rotten one.

    The day of my BFF's wedding, I woke up in unbelievable pain. Turns out my appendix had died — not burst, but died and rotted — and was poisoning me. I was rushed to hospital, where I spent three days being high on morphine and missed her wedding.


    8. The ol' switcheroo.

    I went to the hotel where the wedding was supposed to take place, and the only person there was another confused bridesmaid. Unbeknownst to us, the venue had changed to a train station, after the bachelor party drunkenly suggested it the night before! The bride was furious we were late and told us to clean up after the reception as our punishment.


    9. The case of the cough drops.

    I got a terrible cold just in time for my sister's wedding, so I snuck cough drops into my bouquet. During the ceremony, I popped one in my mouth and started to choke on it. I managed to get it out without completely destroying the day, but I did make plenty of choking and gagging sounds and gestures before I did. Everyone knew.


    10. The lipstick artist.

    Right before the ceremony, the bride asked me to touch up her lipstick. It was in a tiny tube, and while applying, it slipped from my hand and fell down the front of her dress. It left a huge pink streak. The bride burst into tears, but my sister was smart and ran to buy stain remover, saving the day.


    11. The one who just can't win.

    I got the flu the morning of the wedding and threw up on myself in the hair and makeup chair. To make matters worse, I got a bee stuck in my hair during the ceremony. When I tried to swat it away during their vows, it stung me.

    —Vanessa Novis, Facebook

    12. The poo at the zoo.

    The wedding was at the zoo. I'd seriously injured my knee a couple of weeks prior and wasn't supposed to wear heels, unless it was during the ceremony. Luckily for me, our car didn't fit through the gate — so I had to walk barefoot through the back entrance, side stepping animal feces the whole way.


    13. The flower fight.

    After pictures, our bouquets began to wilt, so we started a bouquet-sword fight. At one point, my ~coordinated~ hand connected with another girl's elbow. It wasn't until I got an x-ray days later that I learned I had broken a bone in my hand.


    14. The fun-ruining fireworks.

    The bride decided to dye her hair bright red the night before her wedding and the humidity caused it to bleed down her neck and dress during the ceremony. Then, the reception was interrupted by alerts that a pickup truck outside was violently ON FIRE. Turns out, someone had brought fireworks to celebrate, and the absurd heat turned his pyro dream into a nightmare. The party ended early.


    15. The shitty situation.

    My cousin got married in Costa Rica and I was the maid of honor. I felt sicker and sicker as the wedding day went on. After getting dressed, I went to a clinic where they prodded my arms with an IV and gave me a shot in my ass. Turns out I had Norovirus (caused by fecal matter in food) and had to miss the ceremony and spend the rest of the trip in bed.


    16. The cigarette fiasco.

    The bride's very drunk sister tried to cut in on a dance between me and my fiancèe, and he told her no. So she followed me to the bathroom and threw a lit cigarette on my dress! She also was mad when another bridesmaid was turning 21 at midnight, and screamed at her, it was the bride's day and that the birthday girl "was being a whore." She threw her up against a wall and tried to punch her in the face.

    —Samantha Marshall, Facebook

    17. The serial groom.

    My fiancèe left me for my maid of honor on my wedding day. My ex-MOH then later asked me to be in their wedding. In a horrifying twist, he ended up leaving for one of her bridesmaids! She came to me a month later saying she was pregnant with his baby.


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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