27 Ridiculous Things People Believed As Kids That Are Just Really Fucking Wrong

    lol wtf???

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what dumb things they believed when they were younger. Here are the fucking funny results.

    1. "I thought old and young versions of movie characters were played by the same actor, and they just waited until the actor grew up to finish making the movie."

    2. "When my parents said colleges were 'hard to get into,' I thought they meant the door was heavy and hard to open."

    3. "That it was 'skin' milk and not skim milk, and that it had bits of skin in it like orange juice pulp."

    4. "My mom told me there was a tiny person behind the wall of the automatic flush toilets, and he watched until you were done to flush it."

    5. "I thought the Gushers commercials where their heads turned into a fruit were real, so I wouldn't eat them until I was in my teens."

    6. "I thought if I ate the seed of whatever fruit I was consuming, that it would grow in my belly."

    7. "I thought nosebleed seats at a basketball game were given their name because they were closest to the court, so you could get hit in the face with the ball."

    8. "My mom told me that when my fingers started to look like raisins in the bath, it meant my body was dissolving and could go down the drain with the bathwater."

    9. "I thought clowns were a race of people. I was obviously wrong."

    10. "I thought the satellite dish kept the aliens away."

    11. "I thought there were little people in the radio who lived there and played the music for me."

    12. "My grandpa told me his dentures were donated teeth from people who died."

    13. "I was told if you picked your nose and wiped it on something, it would turn into a worm."

    14. "My dad's birthday is 4th of July so for the longest time I thought our town lit fireworks for him."

    15. "I thought that the direction North was 'up.' Like toward the sky."

    16. "My parents told me that the hazards switch in the car was actually an eject button for bad kids."

    17. "I thought Silicon Valley was named after silicone breast implants because I learned from TV that some Californians had fake boobs."

    18. "My dad put a mounted deer head on the living room wall. I was convinced the rest of the deer body was on the other side of the wall in my parents' room."

    19. "My sister told me the mannequins in the mall were dead people that no one collected from the morgue."

    20. "I didn't think 'drinking and driving' applied specifically to alcohol."

    21. "I believed that stoplights worked because little people were inside them changing the colors."

    22. "I thought Labor Day was the day all the pregnant ladies went into labor and had their babies."

    23. "When I was a little I thought a 'dead end' meant that's where people dumped dead bodies."

    24. "My parents made me believe it was illegal to have the interior lights of the car on at night while driving."

    25. "I used to think that teachers lived in the teachers' lounge because they were still at school when we left, and there when we got there again the next day."

    26. "I always thought that the ashes that are spread on people's foreheads on Ash Wednesday were the ashes of people."

    27. And "I thought that people who died in movies actually died — like part of getting the job meant you had to be willing to get killed, too."

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