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    Why James Franco Is THE WORST.

    In which we explain why the Spring Breakers and Oz the Great and Powerful star is just terrible. Really.

    Okay, we get it, he's hot.

    Like, really hot.

    But then you start to notice...

    He REALLY likes himself.

    And he's kind of creepy.

    Like, going-to-an-NYU-Starbucks-just-to-be-gawked-at creepy.

    And when he's at the various schools he attends, he's not paying attention.

    He even got sued by a former professor.

    He also has some strong feelings about Ryan Gosling in The Place Beyond the Pines.

    Which normally isn't that bad.

    But Franco takes it a little far.

    And he kind of gives away some plot twists.

    Which you know, is kind of rude.

    He also wrote a poem for President Obama's inauguration, called "Obama in Asheville."

    Of course the burrito-makers know you, you're an actor.

    Best part? He admits to bullsh*tting the whole thing.

    And he has a pointless, self-loving Instagram account.

    So, in conclusion:

    James Franco is THE WORST.

    And his younger brother is hotter.