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25 Reasons The Job Search Sucks, As Told By Frustrated Cats

For unemployed Americans and soon-to-be college grads, the job search is a terrible void of suckage. These cats explain a few reasons why.

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16. Automatic email replies.


"This response acknowledges that your resume has been received and will be reviewed. Due to the volume of responses received to [company name] postings, we hope you will understand that we cannot respond to each one individually. You will however be contacted by one of our recruiters if your background is a fit for a particular position, and your resume will be kept on file for consideration in future opportunities." —Cool HR email

15. Answering survey questions for corporate minimum-wage jobs.


"While you are working, you overhear a pair of coworkers on break. The two are talking about another team member because she works too slowly. What would you be MOST likely to do?

A. Tell the coworkers not to complain about another team member

B. Suggest that the coworkers directly talk with the person who works too slowly

C. Keep working on my own tasks and say nothing to the coworkers

D. Suggest that the coworkers talk about their concerns with the supervisor

E. Tell the team member that others are talking about her and she should work faster"

—From a McDonald's job survey.

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