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    25 Reasons The Job Search Sucks, As Told By Frustrated Cats

    For unemployed Americans and soon-to-be college grads, the job search is a terrible void of suckage. These cats explain a few reasons why.

    25. Using and other job search websites.

    24. When people give you advice on how you could do it better.

    23. Copy and pasting your résumé into some online applications and the fancy formatting disappears.

    22. Relatives and friends asking, "How's it going?"

    21. Competition.

    20. Creating application profiles.

    19. LinkedIn.

    18. Not knowing the salary of a job you apply to.

    17. Having to list salary requirements.

    16. Automatic email replies.

    15. Answering survey questions for corporate minimum-wage jobs.

    14. Applications that need to be snail-mailed.

    13. Courtesy interviews.

    12. Realizing after you hit "submit" that you spelled something wrong or forgot to change the company name in the cover letter.

    11. When that job posting from two weeks ago has been filled, but it's still online.

    10. Buying clothes for interviews you will never wear again.

    9. Did I mention those clothes are usually uncomfortable?

    8. Realizing you wore the wrong thing to the interview.

    7. Having an interview and not hearing back "by next week."

    6. Having to take a test, to qualify for an interview.

    5. "Entry-level" jobs that require one to three years of experience.

    4. Needing a car or iPad or iPhone or other expensive object for the job.

    3. Writing cover letters.

    2. Sending applications into the internet void.

    1. Waiting.