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People Are Bullying This Woman On Facebook After Pictures Of Her Eyebrows Went Viral

"These eyebrows suit me better."

This is Mandy Lamrini from Germany. On Jan. 19, Lamrini decided to get rid of her natural eyebrows and have new eyebrows tattooed on.

She decided to post pictures of her new brows on Facebook, writing that she was "very pleased" with the results.

But her pictures soon received a lot more attention than she expected. Within two days, the pictures had 19,000 comments and 1,500 likes, and were shared more than 500 times.

And many of the commenters were mean or negative about her new look. Some people said they couldn't believe that the picture and the tattoos are real.

"Is everything okay in your head?" this person wrote.

Some said that by doing this, Lamrini has permanently changed her facial expression.

And still others suggested cheaper alternatives for Lamrini, like using a marker.

Other people took it upon themselves to create some not-so-flattering pictures of Lamrini.

Like turning her into Doge.

And they compared her to Theo Waigel, a German politician who also has unique eyebrows.

"Theo Weigel 2.0," this woman wrote.

But some are also behind her.

"Stay just as you are!" this person wrote.

And Lamrini? She remains quite relaxed, and told her haters that she loves her new look.

"These eyebrows suit me better," she said in a video that she posted a day later.

She also stressed that the cosmetic studio that designed her eyebrows did so according to her ideas.

Lamrini told BuzzFeed Germany that she couldn't believe her pictures drew so much attention but that the negativity doesn't bother her in the slightest.

She hopes to benefit from the attention, and said she already has gained 3,000 Facebook followers.

When asked why she posted the pictures at all, she said, "Because I can."

"I have to walk around with these eyebrows, not you," she said on Facebook to her haters. "You're actually fans, even if you don't want to admit it to yourselves."