26 Tips That Will Make Finding A Therapist Less Miserable

    Therapy is awesome. Finding a therapist that you click with can suck.

    Finding a therapist seems pretty straightforward — but finding the therapist can be a whole lot more complicated.

    1. First of all, get ready to treat it like dating.

    2. Yes, you can totally judge potential therapists by their profile.

    3. Don't feel bad for being picky — in fact, you should be.

    4. Make a list of several potential therapists before you start meeting them IRL so you don't feel pressured to go with the first one who seems okay.

    5. Once you have a few potential therapists, do phone consultations to get a feel for how conversation flows.

    6. If you're not sure what to say on the initial phone consultation (or during your first session, if you skip that), try summing up what you're dealing with in one sentence.

    7. Or if all of this sounds like a nightmare, you can ask a trusted loved one to help the first line of vetting.

    8. If you're feeling anxious, remember that the first interaction is more pressure on the therapist. You're judging them.

    9. The Psychology Today Therapist Finder and ZocDoc are great places to start looking.

    10. Ask for recommendations from support groups for the people with the same issues as you.

    11. Speaking of, you don't need to be dealing with mental illness to see a therapist, but if you are, getting a proper diagnosis will help point you in the right direction.

    12. Think about what kind of dynamic you want with your therapist.

    13. If you're not sure, ask yourself what kind of therapist you definitely couldn't work with and go from there.

    14. Another option is to find a clinic that will ~matchmake~ you with a therapist, based on an assessment.

    15. If you feel comfortable doing so, err on side of oversharing in the beginning, because hey, you want someone who can handle all your shit.

    16. But if you know you'll take longer to open up, make sure to check that a potential therapist is receptive to that, too.

    17. Ask about availability right away, because there's nothing worse than getting hyped about a therapist and finding out that their available sessions don't work with your schedule.

    18. Think about issues you want your therapist to have fluency in, even if they're not areas you necessarily need help with.

    19. Take reviews with a grain of salt.

    20. Give it more than one session before making any decisions.

    21. Don't take it personally if a therapist says they're not a good fit for you.

    22. If it's not working out with one therapist, ask them for a referral.

    23. Remember you can terminate the relationship whenever you want.

    24. Try not to let past negative experiences discourage you.

    25. If you haven't found the right therapist yet and are getting discouraged, remind yourself that every step you take is helpful for your mental health in the long run.

    26. At the end of the day, trust your gut and keep trying until you find someone you really click with.

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