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21 Times Tumblr Users Perfectly Summed Up Your Relationship Goals

"Ah, yes, my ultimate fetish... a healthy, stable relationship."

1. This top-notch sexting:

2. This couple who have clearly found the secret to lifelong happiness:

3. This ridiculously romantic date night:

4. And this kink:

5. The only way to get married:

6. These adorable pet names:

7. Or these:

8. This inspired date idea:

9. And this one:

10. The TRUE meaning of a supportive partner:

11. This majestic display of parenting:

12. How about this meet-cute?

13. This Very Serious decorating choice:

14. This important trait in a perfect partner:

15. This perfect first date:

16. This sign of TRUE LOVE:

17. These sweet, sweet nothings:

18. Two words: HALLOWEEN. WEDDING.

19. This ideal marriage, tbh:


21. And above all, this: