If You Aren’t Using Rubber Gloves To Clean Up Pet Hair, What Are You Doing?

    A little PSA.

    If you have a furry pet, you don't need me to tell you that animal hair can be the BANE OF YOUR EXISTENCE.

    Like, I love these guys, but I've basically signed up to deal with their freaking fur all over my clothes, couches, sheets, everything for the foreseeable future.

    For awhile, I pretty much relied on lint rollers, but the washable ones were such a pain and the ones with disposable sheets made me feel like I was creating so much waste, so I scoured the internet for ways to keep pet hair from ruining my life.

    AND FOLKS, I FOUND IT. I FOUND THE BEST ONE. Rubber dishwashing gloves.

    I found the hack through YouTube user Making It Easy with Liz, though it's a trick that's in a million places on the internet, so it's hard to pinpoint where it originated. But look:

    Other tutorials I've seen suggest using *slightly damp* gloves, but I found dry worked better on my velvet couch — and damp worked better on my linen bedding. So you probably have to experiment a bit.

    You can watch the full tutorial right here, or you can just put on some rubber gloves and rub down the hair-covered surfaces around your home and voilà!

    View this video on YouTube


    If you don't have rubber gloves around the house, these are the ones I recently upgraded to (with nubs!).

    Hope that helped! Give your fur babies a kiss for me.