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    29 Playlists To Listen To When Everything Sucks

    Whether you need to calm down, cheer up, or let it all out, there's a mix that will make it all feel OK.

    Note: All playlists are from Spotify or 8tracks, so you can listen onsite or take them on-the-go with the corresponding app.

    1. This calming mix that comes with a guided anxiety relief exercise:

    2. This motivational mix for getting better:

    Listen here.

    4. This playlist for when you're fed up and want to let it all out:

    Listen here.

    6. This mix that will lull your anxious mind to sleep:

    Listen here.

    8. This fun pick-me-up:

    9. This mix that will warm you up and quiet your thoughts:

    10. This mix of covers of all your favorite songs as comforting AF lullabies:

    Listen to the whole mix here.

    12. This mix that basically can't fail to make you feel better:

    13. This dreamy electronic mix to tune out to:

    14. This mix of layered dual-headphone songs that will transport you to another plane:

    15. This soul playlist that will have you feelin' good in no time:

    16. This mix for when you want to wallow in your feels for a bit:

    17. This mix for giving you hope:

    18. This mix for when you just want the world to fuck off:

    19. This mix for when you need a good cry:

    Listen here.

    20. This mix that will help you smile, even when you feel like you can't:

    21. This two-part mix that will calm you down, then pump you up:

    Listen to the full mix here.

    23. This ethereal mix to help you escape this planet for a little bit:

    24. This mixtape of sad songs that are somehow calming AF:

    25. This mix of feel-good rap and hip hop that will keep you chill:

    Listen to the full mix here.

    27. This inspiring mix that will make you feel like you can keep it together:

    28. This mix that will help you forget all your problems:

    29. This calm but uplifting mix to remind you that you'll be OK: