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29 Playlists To Listen To When Everything Sucks

Whether you need to calm down, cheer up, or let it all out, there's a mix that will make it all feel OK.

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Note: All playlists are from Spotify or 8tracks, so you can listen onsite or take them on-the-go with the corresponding app.


10. This mix of covers of all your favorite songs as comforting AF lullabies:


1. I Will Follow You Into the Dark — Death Cab for Cutie

2. The A Team — Ed Sheeran

3. Fix You — Coldplay

4. Carry On, Wayward Son — Kansas

5. Under The Bridge — Red Hot Chili Pepper

Listen to the whole playlist here.


13. This dreamy electronic mix to tune out to:


1. Unknown (feat. Vanessa Elisha) — xxyyxx

2. Lost in Tokyo — Koreless

3. Tried To — Tapes

4. One Day They'll Know (ODESZA Remix) — Pretty Lights

5. Real — Years & Years

Check out the full playlist here.

14. This mix of layered dual-headphone songs that will transport you to another plane:


1. One Way Or Another Vocals — One Direction

2. This Is Gospel (Piano Version) — Panic! At The Disco

3. You — The 1975

4. Torn (Empty Arena Audio Effect) – One Direction

5. Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High? (Layered) — Arctic Monkeys

Check out the full playlist here.


21. This two-part mix that will calm you down, then pump you up:


1. Bach's Sonata No. 1 In G Minor, Bwv 1001 Ii. Fuga Allegro — Chris Thile

2. No One But You — Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer, Chris Thile

3. Ooh Child — Beth Orton

4. Out of the Woods — Nickel Creek

5. Some Other Time — Bill Evans

Check out the full playlist here.


23. This ethereal mix to help you escape this planet for a little bit:


1. Cosmic Love (Instrumental) — Florence + The Machine

2. Breathe Me (Instrumental) — Sia

3. Ride (Instrumental) — Lana Del Rey

4. Aurora In Faerieland — James Newton Howard

5. Feast of Starlight — Howard Shore

Check out the full playlist here.

24. This mixtape of sad songs that are somehow calming AF:


1. Be Calm — fun.

2. That’s Okay — The Hush Sound

3. Little Talks — Of Monsters And Men

4. Everything Is Alright — Motion City Soundtrack

5. Round Here — Counting Crows

Check out the full playlist here.

25. This mix of feel-good rap and hip hop that will keep you chill:


1. Big Bank Dank — Olu

2. Dreamers — Marvin Divine

3. Girlfriend — Tayyib Ali

4. End of the Road — Nick Luebke

5. Wrong (feat. Spodee) — B.o.B

Listen to the whole playlist here.

29. This calm but uplifting mix to remind you that you'll be OK:


1. House by the Sea — Moddi

2. How Do You Feel Today? — Gabrielle Aplin

3. Oxford Comma — Vampire Weekend

4. The Only Place — Best Coast

5. I'll Follow You Into The Dark (Cover) — Gavin Mikhail

Listen to the whole playlist here.


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