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How Insufferable Is Your Family Being Right Now?

Come escape the holiday drama for a little bit.

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So we want to know: Just HOW crazy is your family driving you right now?

Check off all that even remotely apply.

  1. Have they...

    Totally lost all respect for your personal space?
    Spent an actual eternity in the bathroom when you really needed it (WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING IN THERE, AUNT SUSAN?)
    Given you unsolicited advice about everything from your job to your hair length.
    Eaten the last of the godforsaken crescent rolls, those MONSTERS.
    Asked you to fix their computer/printer/phone/wifi with zero clues as to wtf is wrong with it.
    Asked you the same question — like what exactly you do for a living or how you think finals went — A HUNDRED TIMES?
    Nagged you about your personal habits (I'll sit up straight when I WANT TO, DAD)?
    Complained about how much time you spend on your phone?
    Discussed ~millennials~ in any capacity?
    Brought up that super embarrassing thing you never wanted to talk about again?
    Accidentally-on-purpose guilt-tripped you about not calling home more often?
    Annoyed the hell out of you with well-intentioned overbearingness?
    Put you at the kids table?
    Treated you like you belonged at the kids table (I cannot have a curfew I am 25 FOR CRYING OUT LOUD)?
    Interrogated you about being ~still~ single or ~still~ seeing that one person or ~still~ not engaged or WHATEVER?
    Made an infuriatingly sexist comment or joke?
    Or a racist one?
    Or a homophobic one?
    Engaged you in a "friendly" debate about politics that made you want to rip your hair out?
    Tried to discuss money — AKA the last thing you want to think about while on vacation omg?
    Given you secondhand embarrassment from getting inappropriately drunk?
    Made YOU feel the need to get inappropriately drunk?
    Asked if you really wanted to eat that?
    Or if you really were going to wear that?
    Expressed "concern" about one or more of your life choices (CAN I LIVE)?
    Kept you from having one moment of actual peace to yourself?
    Made you feel like you're legit getting an ulcer?
    Tempted you into faking your own death so you could just go home already?
    Caused you to rethink ever spending the holidays with them again, even though you have the same crisis every year and always come back?
    Done even more insufferable things we haven't covered that you'll tell us about in the comments?

How Insufferable Is Your Family Being Right Now?

Sounds like you're doing OK, but hey, feel free to take a breather and pretend this is an important email before getting back out there and dealing with them. It'll be over before you know it.

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Oof. Hang in there, man. Say this is an important email and ignore them for a couple more minutes. You'll get through this, we promise.

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