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Tell Us Your Best Self-Care Tips For Chronic Pain

One day at a time.

For anyone who lives with chronic pain, you know there are good days and bad days.

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And when you're dealing with a condition where treatment options aren't always clear or effective, finding little ways to take care of yourself is super important.

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So we want to know: How do you make life with chronic pain just a little easier day-to-day?

Maybe you've found the perfect gentle exercise that you can do to boost endorphins without too much stress.

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Or maybe connecting with other people who also deal with chronic pain has been invaluable.

Maybe embracing the spoon theory has helped you better understand yourself and your limitations.

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Or maybe investing in a wearable unit for pain turned out to be really freaking worth it.

Maybe you found a really great therapist to help you cope with the mental symptoms that accompany your pain.

Share what has worked best for you in the comments below and your response could appear in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post!