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    Say Good Morning To Your Body With This Energizing Yoga Routine

    The best wake up call ever.

    Yoga To Get You Out Of Bed This Morning

    Here's a video showing you the poses:

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    Good morning! Once you wake up, push yourself into cobra pose to get a nice stretch along the frontside of your body!

    Bring your hands beneath your shoulders and press upward, tilting your face towards the ceiling.

    Then, come back into child's pose to give your hips and back a little good morning stretch.

    Sit on your knees, then lower down into the pose with your arms stretched in front of you. Let your forehead gently rest between your arms.

    After child's pose, rise onto your hands and knees for cat and cow pose. Your lower back is going to love this one!

    Inhale deeply, then exhale as make an arch with your back and raise your eyes towards the ceiling. Then, exhale and press your shoulder blades to the sky, round your bank, and bringing your chin towards your chest. Repeat a few times.

    Next, bring your legs out and in front of you for seated forward bend. Your hamstrings are going to be so happy!

    Try and touch your toes (or your shins) with your hands, then bend at the waist and bring your head towards your knees. Inhale and exhale for a few moments before moving onto the next pose.

    Next, lay on your back and get ready for an amazing lower back and glute stretch: eye of the needle!

    Once on your back, cross your left ankle over your right knee. Use your hands to grab your right shin, and gently pull towards your chest. Repeat on the other side.

    Time to get out of bed! Place your feet on the floor and get into rag doll pose for the ultimate spinal stretch.

    Bend at the waist, keep a slight bend in your knees, and grab your opposite elbows with your hands for a deeper stretch. Hang for a few moments and breathe!

    Finally, finish off your morning stretches by stretching towards the sky with mountain pose!

    Roll up vertebrae by vertebrae until you're back in a standing position. Raise your hands towards the sky and then go start your day!

    Have a great morning!