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21 Things Everyone With A Clitoris Should Do At Least Once

How cliterate are you?

1. Check out the equipment.

2. Vary your vibrator technique.

3. Or give your vibe a break.

4. Treat it like a penis.

5. Use lube like your clitoris depends on it. Because it does.

6. Tap instead.

7. Brush up on your facts.

8. Stimulate it from the inside.

cartoonnetwork.com / Via reddit.com

There are some researchers who believe that the internal structures of the clitoris are actually the source of the experience of the G-spot, says Nagoski. When you're aroused, your entire clitoris swells, so stimulating the front wall of the vagina with a toy, finger, or properly positioned penis = a form of clitoral play. Enjoy.

9. Raid your kitchen for new toys.

10. Lay off the pressure.

3 Arts Entertainment / Via reddit.com

Sometimes, a feather-light touch is all you need, especially if you're like most people and tend to default to deeper stimulation, says Nagoski. Ghost your fingers (or vibe or chosen kitchen utensil or whatever) where you would normally put pressure and build up the tension.

11. Play four corners.

12. Buy some matching bling.

13. Treat it to some jewelry of its own.

14. Give your poor hand a break already.

15. Use your labia to give it a squeeze.

16. Combine clitoral stimulation with vaginal penetration.

DreamWorks Animation / Via abetterchapter.tumblr.com

Experts say that it can lead to stronger orgasms — known as blended orgasms. To do this, you’ll want to try positions that are generally more clit-friendly. Here are Levine’s top picks for stimulation during P-in-V or strap-on sex: doggy-style where you or your partner can stroke your clitoris, you-on-top where you’re in full control of touching yourself, and coital alignment technique where you can use pressure from your bodies being pressed together to maximize clitoral stimulation. You’re welcome.

17. Take some extra time in the shower.

18. Ignore it.

nbc.com / Via reddit.com

This strategy is all about touching everywhere but where you want to touch most. Think of it as the masturbatory equivalent of playing hard to get.

19. Stimulate it indirectly by pressing on the mons pubis.

20. Use ~tingling~ lube.

21. Remind your partner that it's there.

It takes 237 muscles to fake an orgasm, but only 15 to say "It's called a clitoris and it's right here"

For some reason, some people are still unaware of the existence of the clitoris, or at least its importance ("because patriarchy," according to Nagoski). So if your partner is ignoring the right spot, speak up. Seriously.

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