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What Do You Wish You Knew About Mental Health In College?

Because freshman orientation doesn't always cover how to keep it all together.

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It's always important to look out for your own mental health, but college is definitely a time when you should pay extra attention to your needs.

Whether or not you already deal with mental illness, there's a lot about college that can make you feel not-so-stellar, mental health-wise.

An unfamiliar environment, tons of new responsibilities and pressures, separation from your old friends and family... There are a million reasons why mental health issues like depression and anxiety are common on college campuses.

Like that you don't need to pressure yourself to take on crazy course load your very first semester.

Maybe you eventually leaned a genius tip for conquering test anxiety that you wish you could go back and teach your freshman self.

Tell us all the tips, strategies, and lessons that helped you navigate mental health issues in college.

Post them in the comments and we might feature them in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health article.

And thanks for sharing — with a new school year around the corner, there are a lot of students who will appreciate it.