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    Moving? Here's 28 Tips For Making It Waaaaay Easier

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    1. First of all, don't use tape to keep drawers, inserts and cabinet doors in place, since that'll only leave annoying glue residue. Instead, use plastic wrap.

    2. Use zip ties to keep your cutlery together.

    3. If you're painting a wall or doing touch-ups, poke a hole in a plastic cup and insert the paintbrush in there before you start painting. That way, you'll have something to catch paint dribbles.

    4. Don't put your books into regular moving boxes — otherwise they will get waaay too heavy. Instead, use rolling suitcases.

    5. The same goes for all of your heavy items, like canned foods. Rolling those out will always be infinitely easier than carrying them out in a box.

    6. When drilling, you can catch the dust with a Post-It note. Just affix the note a couple of inches underneath where the hole will go.

    7. Get rid of carpet dents by letting ice cubes melt on top of them. As soon as the ice is melted, you can use a spoon to easily raise the fibers back up.

    8. To protect framed photos and prints, trim a pool noodle and attach it to the edges.

    9. Here's a pro tip: Pack your plates vertically into the moving boxes. That'll lower the chances of them breaking en route.

    10. Instead of taking your clothes off their hangers and then packing them separately, just put a garbage bag over everything, and carry it all out together.

    11. And if you don't have enough bubble wrap? No worries — use your towels, sheets and socks to keep fragile things safe and sound.

    12. To avoid a serious cable tangle, roll up your cords into empty toilet paper rolls and label them.

    13. Toilet paper rolls are also perfect for getting your jewelry ready for the move, without all the headache of tangled pieces.

    14. If you disassemble several pieces of furniture, color-coordinate the parts with stickers so that you don't get confused later.

    15. And you can also use stickers, tape or Post-Its to color coordinate which boxes go in which room. If you have movers, make them a color code with the apartment floor plan to keep them in the loop.

    16. And while you're taking furniture apart, keep all those little screws and washers in a freezer bag, and tape that bag to one of the furniture parts.

    17. Sharp knives are best packed in an oven mitt.

    18. In your new place, if you want to install a light above, say, a table, use a flashlight to help you center its position: Put the flashlight on the table so that it shines on the ceiling. Then, use a pencil to mark where the center of that light falls.

    19. And to make small scratches in wood disappear, rub a walnut kernel over them.

    20. If your tape is old and won't stick, put it in the microwave for 10 seconds.

    21. Before you repaint a radiator, turn it on! The heat prevents the liquid color from running and drying in weird globs.

    22. Mix a little vanilla extract with paint before going to town on a room. It'll make things less fume-y, and also make your room smell amazing.

    23. If you're having trouble removing old screws, put a wide rubber band between the screw and the screwdriver, to give yourself more grip.

    24. Paint your new keys with nail polish to keep everything straight.

    25. Rub wax or a soap bar over jammed drawer rails to allow them to open and close smoothly.

    26. And put cotton rounds in your eyeshadow compacts to keep the powder from cracking.

    27. This sounds like a no-brainer, but take pictures of your furniture before taking them apart, so that you know exactly how everything goes together.

    28. And finally, to prepare for your first night in the new place, pack a separate "overnight" bag with all the essentials you need — so you're not up until 3 a.m. looking for the toothpaste.

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