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Can We Guess Your Age Based On Your Reactions To These Images?

iPods? Clippy?

Anna Aridzanjan / BuzzFeed
  1. 1. Do you know what this is?
  2. 2. Do you remember this game?
  3. 3. Do you know the relationship between these two objects?

    Twitter: @PeakStudiosDE
  4. 4. Did this little guy ever offer you his help?
  5. 5. Have you ever been to a profile like this?

  6. 6. Have you ever burned your own CD?

    Twitter: @slay_rae
  7. 7. Do you remember how to text on a phone like this?
  8. 8. Have you ever played with this toy?
  9. 9. Have you ever spent a $20 bill that looks like this?
  10. 10. Have you listened to music on one of these?

    KAMiKAZOW/Creative Commons/Wikimedia
  11. 11. And finally: do you recognize this logo?

This post was translated from German.

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