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    19 Ingenious Life Hacks That'll Have You Saying "Why Didn't I Know About This Sooner??"

    Here's how to get more freezer and counter space instantly!

    1. Does your Tupperware keep rattling around in your dishwasher? Use an upside-down dish rack to hold them in place, like this:

    2. If you're tired of mixing up your earbuds, buy differently-covered silicone tips to keep them straight:

    3. Here’s how you can open a beer bottle without an opener — and with only one hand!

    4. Need more counter space? Pull out a drawer, and stack a cutting board on top of it, like this:

    5. Before freezing ground meat, divide it into freezer bags and flatten them out. This will save space in your freezer compartment and make it easier to evenly defrost the meat later on.

    6. Also, if you want to store leftover pasta sauce, pour it into a muffin pan first. Once the portions are frozen solid, put them into freezer bags. That way, you can defrost the exact amount of sauce you need.

    7. Is your shower curtain too short? Extend it by adding more rings, like this:

    8. Traveling abroad? Instead of getting travel adapters for all of your devices, just buy one adapter — and a regular power strip.

    9. Need more space in your freezer? Use binder clips to hang up your bags of frozen veggies, like this:

    10. And if you need to remove screws left in your walls, use a wine corkscrew like this:

    11. Use a funnel for an easy way to pit cherries:

    12. And here's a way to store the lids for your pots and pans — affix command hooks inside cabinet doors, like this:

    13. Slice up an old tennis ball (and add googley eyes) to create a practical and fun holder for just about anything: key rings, letters, pens, dish towels …

    14. Use a rubber band to tie up the pens in your pencil case that you don’t use that often, so that your fave ones are always within reach.

    15. Whenever you need to hang something on your wall with two nails, use masking tape like this to get the spacing and alignment right:

    16. And if you just can't quite shake that cold or stuffy nose, try this trick for the best shower of your life:

    17. A cut-up plastic soda bottle will protect your hands from hot grease when you're flipping something in your pan.

    18. Wrench too big? Stick an extra coin in there and carry on:

    19. And finally, if you need to top up the engine oil but don’t have a funnel on hand, just use a screwdriver or your dipstick and let the oil run down it. No more spillage!

    This post was translated from German.