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This Theme Park Journey Will Tell You What You Fear

It might not be what you expect.

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You're standing at the entrance of Fun Town, a theme park often introduced on the radio as "The Happiest Place On Earth." It's late afternoon, and though the air is balmy with a pleasant breeze, the park appears to be completely barren.

  1. You step through the entrance anyway and immediately find yourself dwarfed by a gilded carousel. The sun's rays light up its ornate canopy, drawing your eyes to...

    The buildings in the paintings.
    The water in the paintings.
    The lightbulbs.
    The swirly designs.
  2. While you're staring at the carousel, clouds roll in and block the sunlight. The stunning, gilded carousel becomes...

  3. You turn away from the carousel, deciding it's worth paying the Star Wish Ferris Wheel a visit. Apparently, it was a well-known attraction when the park was first built. Now that you finally get to see it in person, you feel...

  4. As you're looking at the Ferris wheel, you feel eyes boring into the back of your head. You turn around and see this clown.

    Oh, it's fine. It's not a real clown.
    Just walk away.
    I want to get closer!
  5. Near the Star Wish Ferris wheel is a smaller, Ferris wheel-type ride. But wait — what does that look like in the bottom right-hand corner?

    A walrus attempting to operate the ride.
    An elephant attempting to operate the ride.
    A paper bag attempting to operate the ride.
    A tarp.
  6. You continue to make your way through the park. As you walk through abandoned rows of carnival games, you hear a noise to your right. You turn toward the source of the sound and see this suspended skull facing in your direction.

    I'm afraid.
    I'm uneasy.
    I'm annoyed.
    I'm bored.
  7. At this point, there is not much else in the park to see, and you decide it's best to make your way towards the exit. As you walk through the gate, your eyes meet those of a carousel horse's. You're alarmed to see its face is full of...


This Theme Park Journey Will Tell You What You Fear

You got: You fear you won't accomplish any of your goals

You’re a highly ambitious person with a daunting number of aspirations. You want to become very successful very quickly, and when things do not go your way, you tend to see yourself as a failure. Just know that it's OK to slow down and take time to breathe — the greatest accomplishments take a significant amount of time to complete.

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You got: You fear having numerous regrets

You don't want to be left with questions of "what if" or "if only." You're nervous about looking back on your life and wondering if you lived up to your potential. Though it's smart to think about your future, don't forget to take care of yourself in the present.

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You got: You fear opening yourself up to another person

Opening yourself up to someone else requires you to bare parts of yourself you're self-conscious about. This vulnerability is a terrifying concept to many people. It's hard to find someone you can trust, but when you find them, it's nice to have another shoulder to lean on.

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You got: You fear being alone

When it comes to relationships, you wish you had more of them. It might be a new romantic relationship, more friends, or just a tighter bond with your family. Sometimes it's easy to feel like you have less people to turn to than the people around you, but know that you have people who care about you more than you think.

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