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Rebecca Sugar Has Some Amazing Advice For Aspiring Animators And Artists

Make more things!

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Steven Universe has inspired many fans of the show to draw, animate, write, and make music. During the question and answer section, many aspiring artists asked Rebecca to share her best advice for becoming a successful creator.

Rebecca's biggest piece of advice is similar to that of creators everywhere: Make. More. Stuff.


"And the ones that are working, you’ll quickly start to see like, This is what I want to do. You might not even know until you just do a lot of things, and then it will just come into focus."

She also said you don't have to shy away from finding inspiration for characters in yourself and the people you love.


“If there’s a character that you like in something else, they probably remind of you someone you know or yourself. So if you can zero in on that and then use that to make your own original character that has those qualities, but maybe even more specific to you, then do that."


And you can find inspiration through the things you enjoy, especially when you're facing a creative block.

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“I love to just put on music and draw, when I get stuck, sometimes I’ll do that. I like looking at art that’s not the medium of cartoons, and kind of absorbing that, and making cartoons while thinking of that."

Rebecca also shared the advice she received from comic artists like Eric Larson, Mike Mignola, and Eric Powell: even though it's not the most exciting work, learn fundamentals and traditional drawing skills.

The show creator mentioned during the panel that she always wanted to make something that would encourage others to draw. Based on the abundance of Steven Universe fanart, song covers, cosplays, and fanfiction, she's done that and so much more.