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Uzo Aduba's Performance On "Steven Universe" Broke All Of Our Hearts

We have some Bismuth to discuss. Beware, spoilers and feelings ahead.

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Fans had been theorizing about the gem in the bubble ever since we saw her in "Lion 3: Straight to Video."

Friend or foe? Accidental or intentional? Was that gem put there to be protected, or was she put there to protect others from her?

Unsurprisingly, Aduba killed it with a performance that perfectly portrayed a character who was strong and vulnerable; passionate and terrified.

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Bismuth tried to hurt and betray. Bismuth also was hurt and betrayed by Rose Quartz — the gem who preached choice and individuality, and then bubbled Bismuth away as if she were disposable.

The hurt from that betrayal came through in the writing. It came through in Bismuth's eyes, but it also came through powerfully in her voice. No one deserves to go unmourned or forgotten.

Though it was heartbreaking watching as Bismuth tried to shatter Steven, it was also heartbreaking watching Steven forced to make the same choice as his mother thousands of years ago.

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Bismuth was right. Steven is the better gem.

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Even if it hurts him to think of his involvement in this, Steven still tells the rest of the gems — and that's something not even his mother could do.

Thank you Uzo for simultaneously breaking our hearts and filling them with joy. Here's to hoping Bismuth will get a redemption arc so we can hear more of you.