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23 Photos People With Straight Hair Will Never Understand


1. How much it hurts to ruin a good hair day by going outside.

2. Basically owning an entire beauty aisle.

3. Having to deal with your hair entangling everything within its immediate radius.

4. Never seeming to have enough conditioner to tame the frizz.

5. The daily prayer all curly-headed individuals issue unto the hair gods.

6. Trying to find a product for all 10 million textures in your hair.


8. When bottles say you only need a "dime-sized amount."

9. Or when you accidentally put too much product in and your hair gets stiff or crunchy.

10. Not really understanding why people think a hairbrush can solve all of your problems.

11. Also, this. THIS.

12. How this has become your blessed savior through the end of all days.

13. Having to see this after wearing your hair ties only once.

14. And having to snap through what feels like a whole packet before getting your hair up.

15. The total irrelevance of the night showers vs. morning showers debate.

Fell asleep with wet hair. This is how I woke up this morning. #curlyhairproblems

16. Taking time out of your day to deal with this nonsense.

17. The frustration of people referring to your hair as "short" when in reality...

Never underestimate #shrinkage #blackgirlmagic #naturalhair

18. When people talk about dancing/walking/kissing/ANY rain-related activities like you should find all that appealing.

19. Missing the feeling of suds when you switch to no-poo to keep your curls hydrated.

20. NEVER KNOWING WHAT YOUR HAIR WILL LOOK LIKE by the time you reach your destination.

21. Deciding to straighten your hair and realizing seven days and seven nights later you're only halfway through.

22. The curiosity about how far your hair will expand after you shower.

23. Knowing that there's probably a cluster of these hanging out in your hair somewhere.

And though it takes it a lot of work, it's still so, so, wonderful to have gorgeous, stunning curls.