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Are You Smart Enough To Solve This Murder?

Time to put those detective skills to the test.

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So you think you're a detective, huh? You've seen Law and Order, practically worship Sherlock, and can only clean your room while listening to Serial?


Well, now you get to prove how much of a sleuth you really are.

Our victim: Maddie Wonderful, beauty vlogger extraordinaire. Here she is presenting lipstick from her brand-spanking-new cosmetic line.

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But then the unthinkable happened. In the middle of her video, she's strangled on camera by a masked figure.

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We know where the crime happened. We know how it happened. The question is...who did it.

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Let's look at the last three people Maddie saw before she was murdered. Make sure to check each picture and GIF carefully for clues.

The last time Maddie saw her friend, Tess, they were grabbing drinks at the Layla Lounge. Tess let Maddie borrow the new lipstick she created after raving about how much money it made her.

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But on the sly, Maddie stole Tess's lipstick. And Tess noticed.

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Did Tess know that Maddie stole her lipstick with the intention of knocking it off for her own line? Was this enough to fuel murderous intentions?

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Next, we have Maddie's roommate, Morgan. As Maddie was taking selfies, Morgan walked in and asked for the rent.

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However, Maddie couldn't pay...again.

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Frustrated at Maddie's irresponsibility and cruelty, Morgan retreated to her room. Was she plotting revenge?

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The last time Maddie and her boyfriend, Regan, were together, the night started off sweet. He gave her a black choker, and she told him that she loved it.

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Then things quickly turned sour. When Maddie reached to check her phone for vlog comments, Regan felt like he was being ignored and an argument ensued.


After the argument, Regan stepped outside to vent his anger. Did this lovers' spat lead to Maddie's untimely death?

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Check out the full ~spooky~ video here!

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The beauty vlogger's name is Maddie. An earlier version of this post incorrectly used the name Maggie in some places. H/T to Amy for pointing this out!

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