The Many Faces Of Rachel McAdams

With just a change of cut and color, it’s a whole new film!

1. Think she’s always the same?

Girl’s got range!

2. We first caught her as a shallow dumb blonde in The Hot Chick.

She licked whipped cream and then switched bodies with Rob Schneider whilst rocking the blonde “I don’t know what to do with you” hair of the early 2000s.

3. She had “IDGAF” brown hair in The Family Stone.

Diane Keaton was her mom, and Dermot Mulroney proved that he could still make us swoon.

4. Morning Glory had some bang action.

She also had some serious highlights going on!

5. She’s as cute as a button in The Vow.

Sassy brown is rom-com gold!

6. BUT HOLD THE PHONE! This is her in The Vow. AGAIN!

Rach got layers (pun intended).

7. Again in the The Time Traveler’s Wife.

We love you too.

8. Wedding Crashers let her sashay in to grittier comedy

She could crash my wedding any day with those cute ass curls.

9. Midnight In Paris had her going back to those Regina George days

I got my haircut to look like hers. No joke.


Just after she personally victimized us in Mean Girls, two months later she and RyGos told the most heart wrenching story to smack us in the face since Titanic. Plus she had romantic red hair, just like Kate Winslet.

11. So in conclusion:

To admire Rachel McAdams is to admire her acting, but more importantly her hair, which manages to look fabulous though I’m sure she’s gotta condition more than she sleeps.

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